Thursday, May 28, 2009

Industry March - Unofficial Posters & Banners

Dear SASFED Friends,

We have pleasure in providing some HIGH QUALITY A2 Artwork... you can just print these out as you wish and you have a READY TO GO poster or banner for the protests... now how is that for service? These are unofficial posters for you to use, most are courtesy of Underdog Productions.

Right click an image below, and go "Save Link As" to save a high quality Print Ready PDF of that poster.


SASFED does not necessary endorse any of the slogans presented here.

Ok we have a confession to make... TVIEC has held back the four best poster designs! We hope they will release them to use soon.

Also, SASFED has its own 3METER banner already made up for the Johannesburg demonstration. SASFED affiliates are encouraged to join us holding the banner!