Thursday, June 18, 2009

SOS Update - Parliamentary hearings

Hello all

A Parliamentay hearing was held this afternoon (Thurs) at 2pm. Board members (both those who haven't resigned and those who are serving their three month notice period - which also includes Christin Qunta) were informed and invited to come down. Unfortunately the invitation was only sent to some board members at about 5pm last night (Wed). The letter stated that they could either be present in person or they could submit a representation in writing. In the end only two board members attended - Alison Gilwald and Nadia Bulbulia. Apparently they were given a grilling. The rest of the Board members have now been called to a meeting next week Tuesday.

As SOS we were hoping that the Board would be removed on a technicality - i.e. that it did not quorate and therefore could not fulfill its fiduciary duties or adhere to the Charter. We wanted the investigation to be short so that we could move swiftly ahead to appoint the interim board to stabilise the Corporation. We were hoping that Parliament would do an investigation at a slightly later stage into the details of the financial and governance crises at the SABC. It seems however that the process will not be quite as clear cut. Will keep you updated on all developments.

Warm regards

Kate Skinner
Campaign Coordinator - Save our SABC
(082) 926-6404