Tuesday, June 2, 2009

TVIEC Protest March Update - Communications Workers Union & Creative Workers Union join action against the SABC!

Communication Workers Union fully support the Creative Workers Union of South Africa’s   action against the SABC that will take place on the 4th June 2009. CWU members have raised similar concerns in the past, regarding the issue of the employment conditions and exploitation of workers by the SABC.
We shall not allow any employee in the ICT sector to be either underpaid, exploited based on their employment status/contracts that in some instances render these workers vulnerable and prone to abuse by management. We condemn with the strongest possible terms, the nonpayment and delayed payments of workers by the SABC
CWU will call and mobilize its constituency within and outside SABC to embark on various forms of “Solidarity” action to reflect our dismay about the shameful manner in which the SABC treat its employees.
We have also observed the unfortunate trend within the SABC, where local content in terms of TV programmes is been replaced in favour of  western countries programmes, which in many ways negatively influence African Societies cultures, traditions and morals for the sake of profits. What is more disturbing, is the SABC management having adopted an option of being copycats and replicating the western soapies, to further enhance the erosion of our moral values as a country by using black actors to justify the adoption of some of the unfortunate western cultures.
Our public broadcaster needs to be exemplary and be the front runner on being proudly South African. This is currently not the case with the SABC.
For any queries, please contact
Gallant Roberts
General Secretary
Communication Workers Union
082 692 9777