Friday, July 3, 2009

So who's who on the SABC interim board? - From: Business Day

The following release was published by Business Day.

So who's who on the SABC interim board?

The selections for the broadcaster's interim board cover range of expertise.

A good head for business issues 

IRENE CHARNLEY: A well respected businesswoman, Charnley has been proposed by the African National Congress (ANC) as chairwoman of the SABC. She will bring business acumen acquired during her term as executive vice-president of MTN and an executive director of industrial conglomerate Johnnic Holdings. Before entering business, she was a key negotiator for the National Union of Mineworkers. She is CEO and founder of Smile Communications, a low-cost telecommunications operator which plans to offer affordable services to low-income consumers across Africa and the Middle East. 

Joining politics and journalism 

PHILLIP MTIMKULU: A former journalist, Mtimkulu has a doctorate in political studies and has been proposed as deputy chairman by the ANC as it believes he can use his experience to guide the SABC on editorial policy and journalistic ethics. He worked for a number of leading newspapers between 1966 and 1986, during which time he spent three years under a house arrest and banning order. Since 1997 he has been a senior lecturer in political studies at the University of SA. His political studies have concentrated on SA and its transition, developments within the ANC and one-party domination. 

Knowledge of media, gender
LIBBY LLOYD: An independent consultant, Lloyd has a wide range of experience in media and gender issues, having been involved in broadcasting, regulation, public policy development and implementation. She established the Media Development and Diversity Agency to provide financial and other support to media and was its first CEO. She also conducted research for the SABC on the policies required to ensure the equitable treatment of all South African languages and developed a language policy for it. Lloyd has also served as a councillor on the Independent Broadcasting Authority and its successor, the Independent Communications Authority of SA.

A veteran of Parliament 

SUZANNE VOS: A former journalist and Inkatha Freedom Party Member of Parliament, Vos served on the parliamentary communications portfolio committee for 15 years, but did not return to Parliament after this year's general election. She participated in the drafting of broadcasting legislation and knows about the affairs of the public broadcaster, having interacted with board members and executive management over the many years in which they had to appear before the committee. Vos also represented Parliament in the Pan African Parliament. 

Procurement his speciality 

LESLIE SEDIBE: An advocate with a Master's degree in tax law and the head of legal affairs for the World Cup organising committee, Sedibe was chosen for his deep knowledge of procurement issues. He developed the legal policies and municipal supply chain management policies for the World Cup, as well as other policies on ticketing and seat allocation. He held senior positions at EMI Music from 1998-2007.

Compiled by Linda Ensor

Source: Business Day

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