Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SOS Update: new deadlines for SABC Board nominations, public service discussion document etc

The following update from SOS again.

Hello all

As I am sure you have heard the deadline for submission of nominations has shifted to the 14th of August!! This is great news and the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Communications should be commended for accommodating us on this one. Yesterday I sent though some suggested deadlines for getting all our nominations in. Orginally I had suggested that member organisations get their own nominations in by the end of this week. Given the new deadlines however I am suggesting that we get our nominations in by the end of the following week 31 July 2009. We had then suggested that we hold an SOS working group meeting and that we put together an SOS slate of names consisting of all the names from our member organisations. At that point we were going to look at gaps etc. and see if we needed any further nominations. I hope this process is in order.

You can download here our document on criteria, qualifications and disqualifications for board members. We are hoping that you will be using this as a guide re: your selection of nominees. Further to that, you can click here for the positing on the whole nomination process and gives the Parliamentary contact details.

The IPO has suggested that we put together a pack of information for potential board members in terms of remuneration issues, terms of reference etc. I think that is an excellent suggestion. If anyone has infomation on this please send it through. I will try and pull something together by the end of the week.

Finally, on the very important issue of the Public Service Broadcastign Discussion Doc, we need to obviously urgently attend to this. The Document is a little confusing on the one hand it talks about amendments to the Broadcasting Act and on the other it talks about a new Public Service Broadcasting Bill. I need to clarify this with the Department. Further, as a number of you have pointed out the deadlines are again very, very tight! We have until the 20th of August to comment. I will be discussing a way forward on this with the SOS working group. Will get back to you soonest on that. In terms of the relationship between the new Telecommunications Task Team (looking at the SABC and Sentech) and this process the following is apparently correct:
  • The Ministerial Task Team has been set up to look at a turn-around strategy for the SABC and Sentech, this may lead to recommendations around legislative changes.
  • The Discussion Document deals more directly with legislative amendments.

Warm regards