Tuesday, July 7, 2009

SOS Update: Strike action, interim board, ICASA regulations

The following update received from SOS on the never-ending SABC saga and ICASA in the news again.

Hello all

As usual there is an enormous amount happening at the SABC. First, the unions are threatening to go on strike. CWU and Mwasa have been given the go ahead by the labour court to go on strike. There strike will be a protected strike. At the moment they are on a go-slow. They are calling for their three year wage agreement to be implemented by SABC management (the agreement allows for an increase of 12.2%). Further, to this they are calling for a forensic audit to be implemented urgently. Bemawu has balloted its members and they have agreed to go on a sympathy strike. Although press statements are claiming that this strike will go ahead next week Monday, apparently it is next week Tuesday. If CWU, MWASA proceed with their strike and the sympathy strike goes ahead then there will be black outs on screens.You can get further information on CWU's blog - cwusabc.blogspot.com.

Cosatu has put out a statement commenting on their unhappiness about the process of selecting the interim board. Further, they are unhappy with the composition of the board. There is no labour representation. Please find press statement here.

Finally, please read the latest DTT ICASA regulations here and ICASA's press statement re: the regulations here. Also, as you are probably aware a grouping of organised black business is taking ICASA to court in terms of the regulations. The reason is that they have allocated 50% of the third multiplex to MNet. This is seen as unfair competition. Please find media alert here. A number of us are looking at the regulations. We will come back to you with our comments.

Warm regards

Kate Skinner
Campaign Coordinator - Save our SABC