Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Further Update on SABC Payment 17 August 2009

Dear Producers,

Following our meeting with the SABC this morning and in response to the queries raised with them around verifications, please note that a special email has been set up and that your enquiries should be sent to The email address will be up and running tomorrow (Tuesday) from midday.

We have consolidated the SABC and TVIEC lists to form one list from which we will work moving forward.

Critical Issues for you as Producers:

1. You need to contact Mandy Branch (use the email address above) to ascertain where in the verification process you stand i.e. what is still outstanding that you need to get to the SABC in order to settle 100%? If this is not done, you will default to a 50% claim, with a further 90 days in which to provide the relevant information so that you can claim the balance owing to you. This has been confirmed by the SABC (one of the queries listed in our earlier mail to them).
2. Category 1 companies/payments have been granted an extension to 19 August 2009 for their submissions.
3. Please ensure that you obtain copies of the bank statements for the production periods. This is critical.
4. We’re awaiting a checklist of deliverables from the SABC which we will forward to you. This will allow you to “tick boxes” against production deliverables so that verification is not further frustrated by a “technicality” e.g. music cue sheets, assets, etc
5. We’re awaiting an SABC revert regarding the date that the invoices must carry (SAP-related issue). We will share this with you as soon as we have word.
6. Interest will be paid, but will be dealt with as a separate issue and invoice.
7. Royalties and repeats will be dealt with separately but is on the agenda.
8. We have asked that the one-on-one meetings with Mvuso and Henk be provisionally rescheduled from the 22nd of August to the 29th of August. We await confirmation of this date. We will inform you, within the next few days, of the process for the scheduling of these meetings.

Levern Engel