Wednesday, August 19, 2009

TVIEC slogans

Dear All TV Industry colleagues

Since the fantastic marches in JHB and Cape Town we have held back from calling any direct action. With the imminent threat that will see 70% reduction in spend on commissioning we have no option to keep up the pressure on the SABC to make an appropriate application for a short term finance plan to the DOC/ Treasury who if accepted will put it to parliament. This will only happen if we are able to bring to the attention of the public and their elected representatives the very real consequences of such a cut. We cannot accept our local content quota’s being met by SA corporate funding who then determine who tells our stories and how our stories are told. Our rallying call for a plurality and diversity of voice has to be defended.

To this end we have some planned activity for next week that we need to build support for - get people out to attend. In addition we are planning action for the following week which we need assistance to pull off.

Furthermore Cape Town need to plan an action outside parliament – and attend the interviews for the SABC Board we need to send a message through our presence that they are being watched.

Joburg TVIEC protest action comm. meeting at Atlas Studio Thursday 20th August 4 pm sharp boardroom – this is a task orientated meeting. Please attend if you can help.

Some ideas for slogans

Bail Out Now

for SABCs 24 million viewers

Bail Out for SABC or Bail Out of Viewers

SABC is Public Service that requires support

Advertising Funded Programmes is not the answer

Editorial integrity under threat by Advertising Programmes

Only public funding can guarantee editorial integrity

A CEO for SABC who is a champion of local story telling

We need ideas for slogans.

Rehad Desai