Thursday, September 17, 2009

EURODOC - Call for Entries 1010


If you are looking for in-depth analysis of a specific documentary film project, testing its appeal and potential abroad, advice and follow-up on complex budgeting and financing, legal and practical, business aspects of co-productions,
If you are looking for strong contacts in the field of docs throughout Europe & beyond, enter your project for EURODOC 2010 & JOIN THE NETWORK !

EURODOC is a training programme specifically designed for co-producing creative documentaries at the international level.
Producing documentaries requires increasingly more funding which is difficult to find at national level whatever the size of the country. 
Today EURODOC is a strong & influent network, which gathers more than 525 professionals from 42 countries. It has become indispensable in enabling its members to cope with the rapid changes in the documentary sector.

Within a seven month period, 30 independent producers as well as Commissioning Executives from Europe and abroad*will have the opportunity to participate in a training cycle of 3 one-week sessions led by experienced tutors and experts who play an important part in the current audiovisual and documentary field.

In 2010, these 3 one-weeks sessions will be : 

SESSION 1 – Development / march 2010 – SLOVENIA

SESSION 2 – Budgetisation, Financing, & Packaging / june 2010 – ROMANIA

SESSION 3 – Meeting the Commissioning Editors / september 2010 – (Location to be confirmed)

*NEW : EURODOC opens up to the World

Since 2009, we set up EURODOC International to welcome non-European professionals to the EURODOC workshops.

For 2010, 5 producers from ‘third countries’ will be selected to follow EURODOC International 2010, thanks to the support of the preparatory action MEDIA International & The Jan Vrijman Fund.


For more information about EURODOC visit our website :
Contact : Marie-Sophie Decout // Tel. +33 4 67 60 23 30 //


4 rue Astruc

34000 Montpellier

Tel : 33 (0) 4 67 60 23 30

Fax : 33 (0) 4 67 60 80 46

The EURODOC programme is supported by the MEDIA programme of the European Community, the Centre National de la Cinématographie, the Procirep (France) and the partners of the welcoming countries. The first session will be organized in Slovenia with the support of the Slovenian Film Fund. DocuMENTOR will bring together partners in order to welcome the second session of EURODOC 2010 in Timisoara. The location for the third session has to be confirmed.