Thursday, September 17, 2009

SOS - Press Statement - Overall Welcomes New SABC Board Shortlist

18 September 2009

The” Save our SABC” Coalition overall welcomes the final SABC Board shortlist. This time round the process included significantly more public participation and was more transparent than previous Board selection processes. Parliament heeded our calls for:
  • More time as regards the nomination process
  • Increased publicity around the nomination process including the use of public service announcements on SABC radio
  • The publishing of CVs of candidates shortlisted for interviews
Ultimately, we believe, this has led to a Board that combines skills, competencies and experience appropriate to the governance of an important public institution and is fairly representation of different social interests in our society.
Going forward we hope that this public nomination and selection process will ensure that the Board feels more accountable to the general public than previous Boards have and that ultimately this translates into a more efficiently and effectively run institution that produces excellent citizen-orientated programming for all South Africans.
This promises to be a starting point for a new era in genuine public service broadcasting.

For more information:
Tawana Kupe – Dean Faculty of Humanities - (078) 459-6041
William Bird – Director Media Monitoring Africa - (082) 887-1370
Kgomotso Matsunyane – Chair South African Screen Federation –(082) 886-7463
Kate Skinner – Coordinator Save our SABC Coalition – (082) 926-6404