Thursday, November 5, 2009

SASFED is to join FEPACI

SASFED will soon be joining the Pan African Federation of Filmmakers (FEPACI - FEDERATION PAN AFRICAINE DE CINEASTES) whose vision it is "To power the film practitioner with the right and capacity to make and exhibit films. To realize a competent and competitive economy where the film practitioner’s right to the creation of story is engendered and entrenched by the existence of a stable and viable cultural audiovisual cinema industry."

"From its inception in 1970, ‘FEPACI’ the “PAN AFRICAN FEDERATION OF FILM MAKERS (FEDERATION PAN AFRICAINE DE CINEASTES) has been the continental voice of filmmakers from various regions of Africa and the Diaspora.

FEPACI has in collaboration with its affiliate national bodies, membership and relevant national and international government and private sector institutions worked towards developing and implementing solutions to the common challenges and problems that African filmmakers experience in funding, production and distribution of African audio visual content on the continent and abroad.

FEPACI’s core activities have included leveraging policies and actions, programmes and projects for the development and enhancement of an enabling environment and infrastructure for all dimensions of filmmaking and the audiovisual media in Africa by Africans. FEPACI is mandated to negotiate policy changes or initiatives with national government at the African Union as well as making intervention on behalf of its membership at international forums including the African Union where trade policies on cultural content are decided. FEPACI has been granted observer status at the African Union.

At the last FEPACI Congress held April 2006 in Tshwane, South Africa, following the African Film Summit, hosted in collaboration with the Department of Arts and Culture and the National Film and Video Foundation and endorsed by the African Union and NEPAD Secretariats , for the first time in the history of the federation, the members of FEPACI voted that while the Headquarters of FEPACI was to remain based in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, the FEPACI Secretariat was to be accommodated in South Africa from 2006 to 2010, under the leadership of South African Secretary General Mrs Seipati Bulane Hopa." Source:

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