Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Seminar: Alternative funding methods

Hi All,

Please take note of this extremely useful seminar being offered through Women of the Sun:

Date: Monday 23rd November 2009
Venue: Atlas Studios
Time: 9:45am for 10am – 2pm
Cost: Women R 100, Men R 200
RSVP: or 072 143 1825

This seminar will demonstrate that the SABC decrease in local productions (Crisis) does not spell the end of filmmaking for producers - It's not all doom and gloom and in fact, there may be some hope. It is possible to make films without the contribution of the SABC. Even where the SABC is the corner stone financier, filmmakers need to know how to bring more value into their productions.
This Seminar will also be helpful in preparing producers for the upcoming NFVF Film Indaba, for them to be able to ask the right questions to the various financiers and stakeholders and ensure that they get the most out of that event.

The aim for this seminar is to introduce new producers to fundraising:

sensitise producers to possibilities of alternative financial/funding models,
show ways to make filmmaking a sustainable business,
provide information that producers can put to use immediately

This seminar will cover:
  • How and what is required to access other government funding i.e. NFVF, DTI, IDC, and SARS 24F – by Kevin Fleischer
  • What international funding is available and how to access it - How to use film festivals and Markets most effectively - by Dezi Rorich
  • Sponsorship - how you go about acquiring it, at which stage of the production, and how that works with the different broadcasters – by Preean Armugan
  • Other funding models – by Batana Vundla and Ziggy Homayer of Joziewood
Helen Kuun will chair the seminar and will also talk about:
  • the different distribution deals and how they may contribute to the funding of the film
  • ways/models of distribution and the impact on your the revenue (potential) of the film.

Kevin’ is an Emmy-award nominated producer whose career has mixed creative and financial. He worked in Corporate Finance in New York and London. He has been involved in media, telecommunications, IT, fine arts and venture capital. He helped manage two TV production companies (Newsforce and what is now ‘Bomb’). He is the Consigliere on Stepping Stone films ‘White Wedding’ and ‘Paradise Lost’, and advises the IPO and government on policy in the film and TV production industry.

Helen has been spearheading local films as head of distribution for Ster-Kinekor for many years having released dozens of local feature films. This year she started her own distribution company to specialise in the distribution of South African films. If there is anyone who knows about South African film and South African Audiences and how to match the two to get the most bums on cinema seats or eyeballs at the television, it is Helen Kuun.

Dezi’s extensive experience span over 20 years in the industry in the marketing of South African Producers and productions internationally. She worked with video vision and now through her highly successful company Metal Moon)

Joziewood films was formed in December 2008 by Ziggy Hofmeyr, Charles
Vundla and Batana Vundla. Joziewood is a low-budget feature film
producing company. To date Joziewood films has produced three full-length feature films; The List,Friends and Need.

Booking Details
Bank: Nedbank,
Acc no. 1916 074804
Branch: Killarney
Alternatively, pay at the door