Monday, December 7, 2009

SASFED discussion on Public Service Broadcasting Bill

To: - SASFED Board
- SASFED Committee (affiliate representatives)
- All individual members of SASFED affiliates

One last, important order of business for SASFED before the close of the
year is the development of its positions on the Public Service Broadcasting
Bill. The deadline for submissions on the Bill is 15 January 2010.

Among the provisions of the Bill are:

* alignment of public broadcasting, including community television, to
a developmental state;
* establishment of a fund from personal income tax and its
administration by the MDDA, including for use by commercial brocasters;
* organisation of the public broadcaster into public, commercial and
international divisions, and including regional services and specialist
* interventionist powers for the Minister;
* establishment of a local content advisory body and an audience
advisory council.

Please attend a SASFED discussion on these and other proposals to help
formulate SASFED's positions.
The discussion will provide the basis for SASFED's submission to be drafted
as early as possible in the new year.

DATE: Tuesday, 15 January

TIME: 13h30

VENUE: Atlas Studios

Please reply indicating whether you will be attending or not.

A get-together for drinks will follow at 17h30 at Xai Xai (7th Str,
Melville) to wrap up the year.