Thursday, February 25, 2010

DFA partners with prestigious AFRICADOC - South Africa - Documentary Scriptwriting Residency

DFA is a supporter of the first South African Documentary Scriptwriting Residency in Johannesburg from the 12th till the 24th of April 2010.

AFRICADOC itself is however not a new venture in French Speaking Africa, and has a proud history of success. This is its first venture into an English Speaking Territory and DFA is thrilled to be associated with the program.

Founded in 2002 by French film producer and director Mr. Jean-Marie BARBE who, more than 20 years ago, created the festival “Les Etats Généraux du Film Documentaire de Lussas” in France, AFRICADOC is a programme for the development of African documentary cinema, led by a French association, Ardeche Images, together with local partners wherever Africadoc is already implemented.

The aim of Africadoc is to develop, together with all African countries, a training network to meet the needs of a new generation of documentary filmmakers, and to set up a network of professionals working in the documentary world.

Currently Africadoc is well developed in Francophone Africa. They’ve created:
  • A Master’s Degree in “Creative Documentary Filmmaking” at the University of St Louis (Senegal);
  • 5 documentary writing residencies per year in various African countries.

Louma is the name of the African Documentary Encounters of St-Louis (Senegal): A one-week annual event gathering around one hundred audiovisual professionals (filmmakers, producers, distributors and film sponsors) from Africa, Europe as well as Canada, and featuring several highlights: The Tënk (Co-production Encounters) and The Video Library.

TËNK (Co-Production Encounters)
The Tënk, which has eventually become the must-attend co-production event in African documentary film, will this year again, for its 8th edition showcase approximately thirty young African filmmakers offering them the opportunity to present their film projects. African and European members of the trade (producers, distributors and funders) will all participate in the event with one objective: Developing these with the aid of a North-South co-production. The Meeting includes two parts: Tënk (pitching) sessions and private appointments that enable the directors-to-be to easily approach the trade participants who are interested in their film projects. In 2010, thirty projects will then be presented at the 8th Tënk Encounters Co-Production, which will include participants from the South African Writing Residency.

A catalogue of approximately 150 African or Africa-related documentary films will be available for African buyers and buyers from the rest of the world (TV channels and organizations for film distribution & broadcasting). The rights owners of these films will previously have commissioned Africadoc for extraordinary direct distribution to the buyers attending Louma. These buyers will be offered the opportunity to finalize purchase on the premises, more specifically contracts concerning DVD sales.

In 7 years of existence, Africadoc has been supervising many film projects, from conception to distribution. With a view to reinforcing their identity, these remarkable films have been gathered in the Lumière d’Afrique Collection, which acts as a production “label”. Every year, the series expands by ten new documentary films developed during the writing residencies and produced thank to the Tënk Encounters.

Africadoc is also a pan-African documentary network carried by young professionals (authors and producers) and their desire to create. As such, various Africadoc associations have been created in several African countries (Togo, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Cameroon, Senegal, Burkina Faso) making it possible to structure the Africadoc network, to relay the programme locally as well as to ensure the long- lasting anchorage of the network of professionals developed over time.

For the first time, South Africa has been invited to be a part of this project and eight young local documentary authors / filmmakers will be hosted for a 12 day workshop in Johannesburg to further help develop their projects. This method of documentary script development may not work for all kinds of documentaries, but certainly there are projects where this kind of intimate script development process is essential. After the workshop 4 the 8 documentary filmmakers will be selected to attend the 8th Tënk (co-production encounters), which is taking place in Saint-Louis in Senegal, in June 2010, to pitch their project developed during the writing residency.

This is a very exciting opportunity for Pan-African co-operation, as well as European-African knowledge and development assistance!

To read more and download the CALL FOR APPLICATIONS, please click here for the PDF (1.88mb) file or click here for the WORD (291kb) file.

Applications including the filled in form and the required documents (see list on form) must be sent by email and before 06th of April 2010 – midnight.

If you are able to understand French, you may also visit the project web site: Please note however the Residency will be provided in English and translators will always be on hand. It may however be an advantage if you are also able to communicate in French.