Monday, March 29, 2010

Cape Winelands Film Festival Awards 2010

At the Awards celebration of the Cape Winelands Film Festival on 27 March 2010 the following Awards were presented by the International Film Festival Jury.


Special Mention
Dance Macabre – Dir. Pedro Pirez

Best Short Film
Hammerhead – Dir. Sam Donovan

Best South African Short Film
Filho / Hidden Places - Dir Jamie Beron


Special Mention
Kentridge and Dumas in Conversation
Dir Catherine Meyburgh

Best Documentary
War Against the Weak – Dir Justin Strawhand


International Film Guide Inspiration Award
The Other Bank – Dir. George Ovashili

Best South African Feature Award
Gugu and Andile - Dir. Minky Schlesinger

Grand Prix Award
Eyes Wide Open - Dir. Haim Tabakman

Special Mention
  1. Denise Newman for her searing performance in the title role of Oliver Hermanus’ Shirley Adams. She offers a moving account of a life that lies behind news stories about gang violence. Shirley Adams’ heroism is not the stuff of Hollywood filmmaking. There is no crusade against gun culture or a successful battle to stop the violence that is tearing communities apart. Her bravery lies in facing each day with the determination to survive it. Denise Newman presents us with the real face of motherhood; with the smallest of gestures that underpin her anguish and pain, she captures the spirit of a woman who will go to any lengths for her child and whose resilience knows no bounds.
  2. Heikki Nousiainen for conveying the frailty of age, in his role as a priest desperate to finding meaning, in Klaus Härö’s Letters to Father Jacob. When a blind priest opens his doors to an ex-convict, peace returns to his life as he can continue his communication with the outside world through letters to his parishioners. Heikki Nousiainen’s quiet performance subtly details the everyday existence of this private man who, as he comes to the end of his life, wants nothing more than to serve his god. It is a performance of grace and humility that befits such an involving story.

Master Harold…and the Boys - Dir Lonny Price