Monday, March 1, 2010

SOS: Minutes and SABC Presentation - SABC hearing in Parliament (23 Feb 2010)

Hello all

To find a PDF on the minutes of Tuesday's meeting in Parliament click here.
For the SABC's power point presentation click here.

The documents are both very useful. I really suggest you read them. In quick summary the minutes cover the following points:

  • That the SABC is working on its "turnaround strategy". That this will clean up outstanding audit queries, lapses in corporate governance etc.. Most importantly it will look at the long term sustainability of the SABC.
  • A temporary "turn around" unit has been set up to look at cost-containment issues, re-organising the SABC's sales and marketing unit, license fee collections and how to grow SABC audiences.
  • That the SABC's wage bill and head count are under consideration.
  • That progress has been made re: disciplinary action against certain staff members. The CFO and Head of Audience Services have received final written warnings and that the disciplinary hearings against the Head of Content Enterprises and Procurements is continuing. The Board also reported that they wanted to call the Auditor General back to do a final wrap up of the forensic audit process.
  • That the bulk of the independent producer debt has been paid - an amount of R7m remains
  • That news reader contracts have been adjusted in line with cost cutting measures. News readers get paid for reading the news over and above their normal salaries. To ensure saving were made free lance rates were reduced but this had not effected employees' salaries and that this was done in consultation with unions.
  • SABC international is to be closed down.
Do comment on any of these issues raised.

Also thanks to Mike for his excellent comments on programming. Will certainly add those to SOS strategy docs.

Finally, do join Rian's facebook group - "press the press". Apparently the group already has 200 members!

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