Monday, July 19, 2010

SOS News ICASA Amendment Bill - please sign their SOS petition!

SOS has started a petition re this new IACSA Bill the DOC is trying to push... we need an extension of the deadline for comment at least!

Please complete the quick online petition on the new SOS web site at:

Our industry depends on this! Please pass on and get as many to do this as possible.

We have until Sunday the 25th to submit our views on the new ICASA Amendment Bill. SOS is calling for more time. We need meaningful consultations on this very significant and far-reaching piece of legislation. Please do sign our petition on the homepage of thier website -
. Get all interested stakeholders to support us. The more signatures we have the better.

Also please note that they have uploaded their SOS draft submission under our "Strengthening ICASA Campaign" on their web site. Please note that this is just a draft - they are needing your input. Do get back to me on this with your comments, opinions etc.