Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SOS News ICASA Amendment Bill submissions up on the SOS website

Hello all
Do have a look at our website. Most of the submissions are up, as well as articles, press statements etc. Thanks to all of you for sending them to me! The deadline for submissions was yesterday 4pm.
If you have a quick read through the submissions - you will see the following points are important:
  • We needed more time to consult with members. A thirty day time period is wholly inadequate.
  • We need a proper policy process - at the very least - a review of the White Paper on Broadcasting, 1998. This Bill and also the Public Service Broadcasting Bill should not have been gazetted before this process was complete. The fact that a policy review process hasn't taken place means that critical issues - such as ICASA's funding model - have been ignored. One of the major reasons for ICASA's inefficiency is lack of capacity and funding.
  • Some of the proposals around efficiency and tighter turn-around times should be welcomed. However these proposals (in terms of number of days) should be benchmarked against international and local best practice. Also, the key issue is infact funding and capacity.
  • ICASA's independence from all vested interests is essential - be these interests commercial or government.
Please find information click here.

Please find the IPO’s response to the request for comments on the ICASA Amendment Bill here.

Happy reading! Thanks for the great submissions.

Kate Skinner
Campaign Coordinator - SOS:Support Public Broadcasting
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