Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nominations for NFVF Councillor Positions

Dear Members,

This is your chance to make a make a difference!

Please click here to find the request for nominations for the new NFVF Council members released in the press last week by the Department of Communications. The Council will consist of between nine and fourteen members.

Nominees should have special knowledge or experience in the film and video industry, or specialist skills which are not directly related to the film and video industry but which would be beneficial to the Council, such as legal knowledge, knowledge of marketing, liaison and fundraising.

Nominees will be interviewed in public. Any member of the public may object in writing to any nomination of any person. The members will be appointed by the Minister.

The closing date for nominations is 2 November 2010.

The IPO is co-ordinating nominations for it's members and asks their members to please send nominations by Friday 22nd October so that they can create a shortlist of nominees and prepare all of the required paperwork.