Wednesday, February 9, 2011

SASFED and NFVF sign Terms of Engagement

09 February 2011: The National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) and the South African Screen Federation (SASFED) today signed an agreement that sets out the terms of engagement between the two organisations. The signing ceremony, attended by representatives from both the NFVF and SASFED, took place at the NFVF offices in Houghton.

The terms of engagement are a culmination of various engagements which took place between the NFVF and SASFED since 2006 “We are happy that today we’re concluding a process in which both the NFVF and SASFED have engaged enthusiastically. The significance of this agreement is the synergies that can be drawn out of both our roles and mandates in the South African film and video industry to enhance the promotion, development of a sustainable, viable and transforming industry,” says NFVF CEO Eddie Mbalo.

The NFVF’s mandate is to promote and develop the South African film and video industry. In terms of its Positioning Strategy in the Value Charter, the NFVF is the mediator between the government, civil society and the industry. Section 4(1) (f) and subsection (f) of the NFVF Act empowers the NFVF to enter into relationships and cooperate with any person, institution or institutions for the purpose of meeting the objectives of the NFVF Act.

SASFED is a nonprofit organisation formed in 2006 and is an industry- wide national voice representing its members on industry development issues. “As an industry federation we represent writers, directors, editors, actors, artists’ producers and niche focus groups in the film and television industry,” says SASFED Chairperson Feizel Mamdoo. SASFED’s formation was the outcome of Indaba 2005 resolutions where it was proposed that one of the measures to ensure sectoral co-ordination was the formation of an umbrella body to be constituted by the existing industry bodies.

“The agreement recognises the importance of regular engagement between us and the NFVF on industry policies and strategies that impact on the growth and development of the South African film and video industry,” Feizel Mamdoo.

The agreement sets out terms of engagement which will inform the relationship between the NFVF and SASFED towards areas that relate to the development and growth of the local film and video industry. It established a forum that will provide a platform for consultation, debate and discussion on the various industry policies and strategies that are developed.

For any queries, kindly contact Ms Aifheli Makhwanya; Head of Policy and Research at the NFVF on 011 483 0880 and Mr Ramadan Suleman: Chairperson of the SASFED NFVF Subcommittee on 083 901 2000