Saturday, September 14, 2013

New SASFED Exco Positions Confirmed, Portfolios for Focus and Major Focus Areas for year.

At the first Exco Meeting of the newly elected 2013/14 year Executive Committee of SASFED of 13 Sept 2013, the following positions / Portfolios were decided on by the Executive:

  • Co-Chairs:  Ramadan Suleman and Leli Maki
  • Vice-Chair:  Decide not to fill for this year (not required in constitution)
  • Treasurer:  Thea Aboud. The 3 signatories on the account will remain as Thea, Marc and Harriet as part of council.
  • Secretary:   Thea Aboud

Assignment of portfolios:

  • Professional Development: Bongi Ndaba with Thea assisting and supporting
  • Internal communication will be managed by the secretary (Thea Aboud)
  • External communication – including advocacy, marketing, risk management and research
  • Mediation – Leli Maki and Ramadan Suleman
  • International – Marc Schwinges
  • Government / parastatels – Ryley Grunenwald and Lebo Modiba in cooperation and with support from the co-chairs
    • ICASA – Marc Schwinges
  • Broadcasters – Jacqui Pickeringi  and Bongiwe Selani
  • Capacity Building – funding:  Co-chairs, Ramadan Suleman and Leli Maki with support from Thea Aboud

It was also agreed that exco will co-opt council members into the various portfolios.

The meeting agreed that it would concentrate this term on two major projects:

  • Lobbying of stakeholders for employment of people associated with registered and legitimate organised industry groups
  • Funding for SASFED