Tuesday, November 19, 2013

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Clarification on Cape Film Commission Production and Distribution Company

Despite our attempts over the past 18 months to outline to industry why the CFC needed to set up a production company there now appears to be concern in the industry as to why we have created this new company.

Please allow me to explain. For some time now, it has been a prerequisite for a production company to be registered with the Cape Town Film Permit Office in order to apply for a film permit.

Companies that are not registered with the City of Cape Town Permitting Office (CTFPO) for filming on City owned properties are often referred to the Commercial Producers' Association (CPA,) South African Association of Stills Producers (SAASP) or other organisations by the CTFPO and advised to apply through one of their member companies for a permit. This was confirmed by these organisations at a meeting some weeks ago.

The Cape Film Commission occasionally needs to take promotional photographs or videos of our territory to include in marketing missions, etc. The fact is that we are unable to take promotional photos or videos without a film permit. The CTFPO refused and has been refusing to register the CFC for permit applications for some 18 months. Their suggestion to overcome this was to establish a separate production company and register it. This we have now done.

The Cape Town Film Commission Production and Distribution Company (CFCPDC) has not been registered to enable us to produce films. It has been registered only to enable the CFCPDC to apply for permits and for Previously Disadvantaged Individual (PDI) filmmakers, students, independent photographers etc., including small international productions to apply for a film permit through their membership of the CFC without having to register with the CTFPO (some do not have the relevant paperwork to do this.)

The CFC is offering this free of charge service to enhance the industry, not compete with the industry. Please let us assure you and your colleagues that there is no intention to take work away from you. This is all in line with the discussions we have had with yourselves and industry professionals over the past year. The details were sent out in our emails and newsletters to the broader membership during that time.

As we have stated in our most recent newsletter on the subject, please advise us if you have any concerns or suggestions over what we have put in place to allow us to consider any changes we may need to make.

From our perspective, we would encourage debate on issues but it is also unfortunate that industry members prefer to discuss their concerns with each other rather than address them directly to the CFC, as we requested during the course of developing this proposal. We work on the basis that if you do not comment then you are happy for us to progress proposals.


Denis Lillie