Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Business skills for film making

"An incredible fun (visual and storytelling) opportunity to learn business skills that can be applied to film projects," Tina-Louise Smith, Accidental Films and TV 
 About the Business Model Canvas
The BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS is a business tool that is being trained and used in Canada for creative content producers. The output of the BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS is a visualised business plan for a particular project. The BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS, while taught to filmmakers for a project can be applied to a business too.

The power of the BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS (BMC) lies in the narrative and visual approach to the business plan, which makes it easy to understand and interpret for users who may not have been formally trained in Business Management.

In South Africa we have many creative people entering the field of video production and filmmaking, who have not had business training but who now need to understand how to plan for their businesses and for individual projects. The BMC is the tool for them.

The Documentary Filmmakers’ Association (DFA) in collaboration with the Canadian Film Center  (CFC) and the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) will hold a series of workshops to transfer the skills to use the BMC to South African filmmakers.

The BMC workshops will be held during the Durban FilmMart July 2014. Filmmakers with different levels of filmmaking experience will be selected to attend the workshops. The outcome of their attendance, however, will be that each filmmaker will be able to develop a holistic strategy / business plan around each project they conceive.

Bringing the Business Model Canvas to South Africa is a project that will target both filmmakers and trainers.

Benefits to the Filmmaker Participants
Having completed the BUSINESS MODEL CANAVAS Workshops, filmmakers will have the tools to strategise for each project they embark upon. By adopting the narrative approach to each project, filmmakers will be able to plan around all elements of the project, including potential partners, key resources, key activities, potential income generating activities and potential audience.

The BMC will enable filmmakers to approach their film projects holistically from the outset, which will lead to a more coherent project with a more successful outcome.
Filmmakers will learn a business approach to their art, which will assist in growing more sustainable film and video production businesses in South Africa that produce interesting and powerful films.

Eligibility Criteria for Filmmakers
  1. Content producers should have produced at least one film (doc, short, fiction) as either the Producer or Director.
  2. Describe a current or proposed project for which you are currently trying to work out the business model. (350 words)
  3. Briefly describe your business approach for your proposed project: resources, customers, distribution channels and potential revenue. (350 words)
  4. Provide your company description, biog, headshot and contact details.
  5. You are able to cover your costs to attend the workshops at the Durban FilmMart.
Apply to participate in the Filmmaker Workshops by 28 March 2014.

Email queries to projects@docfilmsa.com
This call is open to all South African filmmakers.

Initiated by the DFA, the project has the support of the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) and the Canadian Film Center (Media Lab).