Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Two night film screenings of Alternative indian films at the Bioscope, Johannesburg

Cinema of Prayoga is a conceptual framework that locates the history of experimental film in India within an ancient history of pre-modern tradition of innovation, of prayoga. It is a theory of filmic practice, which challenges the dominant forms of filmic expression in contemporary India, including the all-pervading contemporary Bollywood or the social realism of Indian New Wave.

The screenings are an introduction of Indian experimental cinéma to a South African audience through the theory of Cinéma Prayoga of the Indian film philosopher Amrit Gangar.

For two nights screenings will show short films, documentaries and feature films that exposes his unique view on filmmaking by conjuring the term ‘Prayoga’ from Indian philosophical thought. 

31 May, 3:00 -7:00 pm
Conference on the filmmaking practice and theory of Cinéma of Prayoga initiated by Amrit Gangar

31 May, 8 pm
MOUNT SONG, Shambhavi Kaul, 10 min
BETWEEN THE WAVES, Tejal Shah, 26 min
SIDDHESHWARI, Mani Kaul, 92 min

1 June, 7 pm
BLOOD EARTH, Kush Badhwar, 40 min
IN THE NAME OF A RIVER, Anup Singh, 90 min

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