Friday, June 27, 2014

Register as producer with DISCOP

OUT IN AFRICA we would like you to invite you to register as a PRODUCER for DISCOP Africa 2014, Africa's #1 Film, TV content, thematic channels and adaptation rights market, with a 50% discount if you register by Thursday 10 July.

2000+ non-exhibiting and exhibiting delegates representing 1000+ international companies driving multiplatform content business and digital changes across Africa will be attending, including 500+ independent producers seeking co-production opportunities.

As a PRODUCER, you will be able to take part in the 2014 edition and parallel DISCOPRO program, a Pan-African pitching, mentoring and networking forum  designed to deliver the vital resources in development, co-production and distribution stages, critical for content production.

The program will put great emphasis on co-production initiatives between English and French-speaking Africa. Another large theme will be local sports content production, as this segment is largely under developed in Africa. 

The program will include:


The competitions will be centered on Formats, TV Series, Documentaries and Animation projects. Producers taking part in DISCOPRO will be invited to enter any, or all of the four competitions with one project per competition. For each category, a panel of 5 industry experts will choose 1 Winner and 1 Runner-Up to receive cash prizes, production guidance as well as complimentary access to next year's DISCOPRO.


DISCOPRO's two-track, bilingual program expands on the fundamentals of producing and distributing content. A series of 16 (sixteen) workshops has been designed for small groups of creative and business-minded producers. These 90-minute workshops will be lead by experts in the fields of marketing, law, production, distribution and business development. Topics and issues to be tackled in the program will include:

  1. Advertiser funded production models
  2. Cross-media storytelling
  3. Crowd funding
  4. Designing a worldwide, multiplatform sales strategy
  5. Introduction to sports content production
  6. New platforms, new approach to content rights
  7. Pros and cons of dubbing and subtitling
  8. Recipes for great cooking shows
  9. Respecting copyrights
  10. The adaptation of scripted series
  11. The art of pitching
  12. The basic of reporting for television news
  13. The development process
  14. Working with writers


Producers will be able to access online matchmaking services. They will also be able to request personalized assistance for the organization of their meetings with creators and commissioning, production and distribution executives. Producers will also have access to THE MEETING ZONE, a special area furnished with individual tables available for 30-minute meetings.

Early registration is recommended, not only to secure a 50% discount (you will pay US$325 instead of US$650), but also to have enough preparation time to plan and confirm qualified meetings.

You can register directly online and use the promo code DA50OFFPRODUCER or request a PDF of our NON-EXHIBITING DELEGATE registration form should you prefer to pay via bank transfer.