Thursday, August 21, 2014

Student film bursary call for applications

The National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) is seeking student applications for its bursary scheme, which provides funding to students in financial need to pursue film and television related studies at all accredited tertiary institutions in South Africa. The deadline for applications for is 29 August 2014, at 12h00.

On average, the NFVF offers up to 60 bursaries a year for academic achievers who are passionate about the film and television industry but unable to afford their own university studies.

Application criteria

The Student Must:

  1. Have already been selected at an institution that offers formal qualifications such as a diploma or degree
  2. Be able to demonstrate financial need
  3. Possess a good academic record
  4. Motivate in detail why they qualify to receive a bursary
  5. Submit a correctly completed application form and attach all required documents as per the application form
  6. Be a South African citizen, or have permanent residency or have refugee status

Important details:

  1. Five copies of the entire application must be delivered or posted to the NFVF offices
  2. All details on the application form must be correct
  3. Incomplete applications will be disqualified 
  4. If telephone numbers or addresses change, notification must be sent immediately. If the NFVF is unable to contact the applicant, the bursary will be awarded to another deserving student
  5. All required information must be submitted to avoid the application being disqualified
  6. First year students receive 100% towards tuition fee, thereafter the NFVF pays 80% towards tuition fee only. The rationale behind this is the result of minimal resources and an aim to find balance between the number of students supported and what is contributed towards those bursaries.
  7. The NFVF does not fund live performance or acting studies
  8. Only certified documents will be accepted
  9. Applications received after the deadline will be disqualified
  10. Faxed or emailed applications will be disqualified

International bursaries:

Individuals may also apply to the NFVF for bursaries to support their studies at international tertiary institutions for film courses that are not available in South Africa. Due to minimal resources at the NFVF's disposal, 100% bursaries will not be awarded.

Supporting documents:

The following supporting documentation must be submitted together with an official application form:

  1. A covering letter including personal motivation for study and its relevance to the applicant's intended career path, as well as how the skills acquired will benefit South Africa
  2. A letter of support from the international institution
  3. Proof of excellence within the applicant's field of competency

Internal process:

Once an application has been sent and all required documents (as per the application form) have been submitted before the deadline, an internal and external panel evaluates each application. Applicants are shortlisted and thereafter interviews are conducted to ensure that the most appropriate students, who will ultimately become NFVF ambassadors, are awarded bursaries.

Prospective students who meet the above criteria may apply by completing a national bursary application form available on the NFVF website. The application form provides a guide on all the required documentation to submit with the application form.