Friday, February 20, 2015


It is with great concern that SASFED and its associated organisations have been following the encroachment of government into our public broadcaster.

The most recent adjustments to the MOI by the minister are not only an affront to fundamental broadcasting principles, but also erode whatever trust the production industry has still had in the independence of what should be the people’s broadcaster.

As the “controlling body” of the public broadcaster, the SABC board and upper management have a duty toward the public to inform and entertain in an unbiased manner and to support the local film industry in producing the programming to do so. Instead, the public broadcaster has now become a government mouthpiece, bowed under political censorship in news and programming.

This is not acceptable to the film industry and we would like to formally place our strongest objection on record.

It is also unacceptable for the minister to propose amendments to policy and the broadcasting act without extensive public and industry consultation, and SASFED would like to lodge a formal objection to this as well.

As such, SASFED is officially supporting SOS’s (Support Public Broadcasting Coalition) court action.


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