Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New South African Guild of Editors rate card 2015 is out

SAGE has published an annual rate card of recommended salaries for editors for the last 14 years. 
Though focussed on freelance editors, this rate card can also be used as a starting point for full-time employment negotiations.

Rates and conditions should be considered negotiable; this is a guideline, not a rigid set of rules. We encourage editors and producers alike to read our pre-employment checklist and the what to expect from an editor document.
The tables below represent a broad spread of possible rates. If the rates seem extraordinarily low or high, consider that these are intended to cover a wide range of job types, genres, durations, locations, funding models, conditions, and potential profit participation. Providing a useful guide to all these variables is highly challenging, so we have elected to use broad categories instead.
You can download the rate card as a PDF. We urge you to read about the changes below the rate card itself.