Thursday, July 30, 2015

Filmmakers workshop on South African IP and Copyright Amendment bill, 13 August 2015

Cultural Industries Legal & Advisory Centre (CILAC) cordially invites you to a Roundtable Discussion with South African and U.S. copyright experts and filmmakers on the recently published South African Intellectual Property Policy and Copyright Amendment bill, on Thursday, 13 August 2015, at 09:00 at the NFVF (National Film & Video Foundation) in Johannesburg.

The Copyright Act is being amended for the first time since 1978, and it is vitally important for the filmmaking community to be at the forefront of important changes affecting the industry's legislative and policy environment.

The goal of this workshop is to build better stakeholder and researcher understanding of the implications of balanced intellectual property reform for filmmakers. 

The workshop will specifically discuss policy changes in the South Africa Copyright Act’s free expression promotion flexibility that allow creative incorporation and transformation of prior expression for critical commentary and other purposes. This workshop will discuss how these balancing features of South Africa’s copyright law would be amended under new government policies being released shortly – with a group of copyright law professors and attorneys from the U.S. and South Africa who have been working with filmmakers here and abroad.

The meeting will include a discussion with members of the filmmaking community and CILAC’s Managing Director, Tholoana Makhu, Professors Peter Jaszi and Sean Flynn, from PIJIP, and Caroline Ncube and Tobias SchonweSer from the UCT IP Unit, and will be chaired by CILAC’s CEO, Marang Masokoane. Each is an expert in intellectual property law. 

PIJIP and the UCT IP Unit collaborated on a recent study of the role of copyright law and legal literacy in the documentary film industry in South Africa. 

This workshop is convened by CILAC in conjunction with the following organisations and institutions:

  • South African Screen Federation (SASFED)
  • Association for Transformation in Film & TV (ATFT)
  • Young Producers Forum (YPF)
  • Intellectual Property Unit - University of Cape Town (UCT IP Unit)
  • Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property (PIJIP) - American University, Washington College of Law - United States 

Participants include among others:

  • Tholoana Makhu, Managing Director, Cultural Industries Legal & Advisory Centre (CILAC)
  • Associate Prof Caroline Ncube, Head: Department of Commercial Law, University of Cape Town
  • Dr Tobias Schonwetter, Director: IP Unit, University of Cape Town
  • Peter Jaszi, Professor of Law, American University Washington College of Law
  • Sean Flynn, Executive Director, Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property (PIJIP) at American University Washington College of Law

The event is free of charge and begins at 09:00, with short tea-break at 11:00 and lunch served at 13:00. Upon receiving your confirmation of attendance, we will provide a preliminary programme as well as a logistical note with all necessary information and details.

Kindly RSVP by 12:00 on 8 August 2015, to Marang Masokoane at

NFVF, 87 Central Street, Houghton, Johannesburg, Gauteng

GPS Co-ordinates: -26.153535, 28.057785

We look forward to welcoming you in Johannesburg!