Monday, August 24, 2015

DISCOP Africa 2015: DFA gives members 50% discount

DISCOP 50% discount on Registration

DFA has negotiated a 50% discount on DISCOP Johannesburg tickets for their PAID UP Documentary Filmmakers Association (DFA) members! Should you be interested in attending DISCOP in Johannesburg 4-6 November 2015 please reply to this address  with your name, company name, projects you want to take to DISCOP and motivation of WHY YOU would like to attend.

Please note that this discount is for your DISCOP ticket and does NOT include accommodation or travel expenses to the event. 

This is also ONLY VALID if you are paid up for 2015. DFA will confirm your membership status and send your details on to DISCOP AFRICA for further communication.

If you would like to subscribe to the DFA newsletter you can send an e-mail to:

Or to write to the editor send an e-mail to: