Friday, November 20, 2015

Call for films: Festival International de Films de Femmes

38th edition: 18-27 March 2016

The Festival International de Films de Femmes - hosted at the Maison des Arts de Créteil in France - is a one-of-the-kind annual film event, a major worldwide showcase for women filmmakers. 

As a privileged platform for filmmakers, it has become over the years the most important professional event on major international women’s cinema d’ auteur, long-time discriminated and still poorly distributed. 

The Festival was created in 1979 at a time when women filmmakers began to make their voices heard. From this date on, the Festival serves these independent directors as they take their first steps and as they continue their journey into their own cinematographic commitment.

Product of the seventies feminist movement since its creation, the Festival has been the heir to two schools of thought.

  1. The feminist movement, with the conviction that women exist as human beings, but also as members of society. 
  2. From the start, the Festival was committed to women filmmaker as artists.

Thus during the last 38 years, we have been dedicated to women filmmakers, actresses, authors, film technicians. We supported their research and highly praised their innovations, their standpoints and their commitments. These women filmmakers have often made it their priority to explore the outreach of human qualities through both their female and male characters, questioning gender matters in rich, multiple portraits that respond to our needs of identification according to a range of essential liberating issues. Even today at the threshold of its thirty eighth edition, the Festival continues to astound by the quality of both the films it presents and the laboratory for expression it has created. Jackie Buet is its founder and director.

With over 1200 movies submitted each year, the international competition encourages diversity and innovation. It has been the door to success for unknown brilliant female talents as well as the stage to present the latest works of prestigious female directors, many of whom we follow faithfully from their debut films.

The deadline is 30 November 2015.

Submit your films here

For the website of the Festival click here.

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