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12 OCTOBER 2016

The Independent Producers Organisation (IPO) is a representative, national organisation of independent South African film, television and video producers constituted to represent, protect and promote the interests and needs of producers. It represents about eighty percent of working producers in South Africa.

Many of the producers of SABC content are Independent Producers Organisation (IPO) members and are concerned by governance problems at the SABC and what this means for the sustainability of the industry as a whole.

The Independent Producers’ Organisation of South Africa (IPO) notes the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Communications’ sanction of the SABC Board for its ill governance of the public broadcaster and for its circumvention of the findings of the Public Protector and the Western Cape High Court against the Chief Operating Officer, and notes its call for the resignation of the Board and for a parliamentary inquiry into the fitness of the Board.

The IPO supports the stance of the Portfolio Committee, however it calls for a broader, stakeholder inclusive public enquiry, into the SABC. This enquiry should include:

  • the SABC’s persistent crises of governance, management, funding, policy, programming and operations;
  • and key requirements for the public broadcaster to effectively fulfil its mandate.

The current crisis surrounding the SABC Board is not new. It is one that South Africa has experienced before. It points to the problems of the SABC as systemic, needing to be addressed beyond the failings of the present Board and senior management.

The IPO believes the Board of the SABC should not be appointed through a process that involves only party political representatives. Procedures for the appointment of the Board should include non-party political role players too, including public broadcast industry stakeholders, constituted as an independent statutory panel. This is vital for the appointment of Board members who would be accountable to an optimally shared vision of the public broadcaster and its values, and mitigate the politicised appointment of the Board, one underlying factor for the failings of successive Boards of the SABC.

The IPO calls for members of the SABC Board to be judged for appointment against and sworn to the following:

  • commitment and accountability to a renewed, optimally-shared vision of public broadcasting services;
  • appreciation of the dynamic, full spectrum role of public television in society and an overriding commitment to public service and the public interest;
  • resolute independence from untoward state, party-political and civil constituency interests;
  • a bold commitment to free and diverse expression;
  • commitment to consultation and appropriate co-determination with stakeholder interests;
  • unquestioned commitment to local content and independent commissioning regulations, and respective policy that is transparent, fair and of integrity;
  • commitment to conducive terms of trade with the independent production sector, including money for value and just property rights recognition;
  • commitment to a bold, dynamic and visionary commissioning structure; 
  • impeccable governance competencies;
  • ability to effect a credible, competent and responsive management and operational structure.

The independent production sector is an essential public broadcast stakeholder, critical to the fulfilment of the mandate of the public broadcaster. We are at the coalface of the crises continually besetting the public broadcaster to the detriment of society and the viewing public. This must now be decisively addressed through a fundamental stakeholder inclusive review and overhaul of the SABC.


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Elements Film Lab is an initiative of the shnit Expanded Talent Focus programme for Playground Cape Town in 2016. 

Over the festival weekend filmmakers will participate in a series of workshops, discussions, conversations and engagements that will further their paths in creating world-class short films.

Tickets are on sale via web tickets for R300 per person (including lunch and coffee at Truth Coffee). Ticket sales will close Monday 3rd October 2016.

We are very excited about this year’s lab. It is really a jam packed day full of exciting speakers who are currently engaged in very relevant and diverse content within the South African Film Industry.

Information about the lab can be found directly online at:

A talk with Basil Ford from the IDC: 28 September 2016

SAFTAS 2017 call for entries

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


The KZN Film Commission and the Maxum Media Accelerator (“MMA”), a television and film entrepreneurship acceleration programme that identifies, develops and supports SMME Development, herewith invite KZN film and television companies to apply for the 2016/7 film and television acceleration programme.


The KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission (KZNFC) is an entity established in terms of the KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission Act, 2010. The Commission has been set up with its main vision being to position KwaZulu-Natal as a globally competitive, diverse and sustainable industry and choice film destination. 

The KZN Film Commission aims to enhance the economy by providing and encouraging opportunities for persons, especially from disadvantaged communities to enter and participate in the film industry in the province. In so doing, it aims to contribute to an enabling environment to job creation.
The Human Capital Development (HCD) Programme under Marketing and Industry Development is designed to develop skills in KwaZulu Natal focussing on previously disadvantaged filmmakers across the value chain of film and television. A baseline study was conducted in 2015 highlighting the skills gap in the KZN industry. Key areas of focus is script writing, production, post production, SMME development focussing on youth and women.

  • The company must be a registered entity with CIPRO and SARS
  • The company must be based and operational in KZN
  • The company must be focused on business in the film and television industries
  • Preference will be given to Previously Disadvantaged Individuals, Youth, Women, People with Disabilities

Please submit:
  1. A motivation (maximum 2 pages) as to why you should be considered to join the programme
  2. Detailed CV of yourself, the company and CIPRO registration documents.
All applicants will receive, fill in and return a Company Information Sheet that will allow a selection panel representing the KZN Film Commission and the MMA to assess the growth potential of the company. Successful applicants for the 2016/7 MMA programme will be contracted for the acceleration programme commencing during September 2016. Applications should be also be emailed to

Closing date for applications: 23 September 2016

Correspondence will be limited to successful candidates.

For more information visit our website on or call our offices on (031) 325 0200.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

SOS National Coordinator

SOS is looking for a National Coordinator to commence work as soon as possible on a one year contract, renewable annually based on availability of funding.

SOS: Support Public Broadcasting is a Coalition which aims to address the ongoing crisis in public and community broadcasting in South Africa to ensure the broadcast of quality, diverse, citizen-orientated programming committed to the deepening of South Africa’s Constitution.


The successful candidate will be responsible for strategic leadership; planning, budgeting and fundraising; representing the Coalition in the public domain; organisational development and governance (including human resource management); and programme management.


  1. Commitment to and understanding of democracy and social justice.
  2. A minimum of five years activist and/or organisational experience.
  3. Experience in budgeting, fundraising and building and maintaining donor relationships.
  4. Excellent communication skills.
  5. Excellent people management skills.
  6. Ability to self-manage, multi-task, pay attention to detail, plan and implement efficiently, and work under pressure.
  7. Excellent computer skills (MS Office suite).
  8. Ability to speak one or more indigenous South African languages.


  • A University degree in one of the following fields: development, humanities, journalism and media studies, law. Honours degree preferable.
  • Experience in the nonprofit sector at a similar level.
  • Firm understanding of broadcasting and media sector.


The Coalition offers a competitive salary commensurate with qualifications and experience.

To apply:

Please submit a CV not exceeding five pages AND a motivation letter to Kerry Barton-Hobbs at by close of business on Wednesday 21 September 2016. Late applications will only be accepted at the discretion of the organisation.

SOS is firmly committed to developing young, Black and women’s leadership in the civil society sector, and Black women are especially encouraged to apply. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified via email or telephone by no later than Friday 23 September 2016.

For more information:

About the position: SOS Chair, Thandi Smith (e-mail:
About the SOS Coalition:


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Call for Training Facilitators in Film and television Training and Skills Development Programme

The Human Capital Development (HCD) Programme under Marketing and Industry Development is designed to develop skills in KwaZulu-Natal focussing on previously disadvantaged filmmakers across the value chain of film and television. 

The KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission (KZNFC) is an entity established in terms of the KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission Act, 2010. The Commission has been set up with its main vision being to position KwaZulu-Natal as a globally competitive, diverse and sustainable industry and choice film destination.

The KZN Film Commission aims to enhance the economy by providing and encouraging opportunities for persons, especially from disadvantaged communities to enter and participate in the film industry in the province. In so doing, it aims to contribute to an enabling environment to job creation.

A baseline study was conducted in 2015 highlighting the skills gap in the KZN industry. Key areas of focus is script writing, production, post production, SMME development focussing on youth and women.  Also under the Human Capital Development Programme is the External Bursary Scheme that supports students to study at tertiary institutions in and around the Province.  HCD is developing a targeted High Schools Outreach Programme for grade 12 learners to be oriented in Film and Television Industry career opportunities.  HCD is also working in partnership with the Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs on a 3 year incubator programme for Youth Filmmakers.

The KZN Film Commission is calling for experienced Film and Television Training Practitioners to facilitate skills development and training programmes. Please note that this is not an advertisement for permanent employment. The KZN Film Commission will select a group of Trainers who will be called upon as and when the need arises to assist with training of specific programmes.

  • Qualified Film and Television Training Practitioners with at least 5 years teaching/ training experience
  • Utilize a variety of training methodologies, techniques, concepts, learning tools and practices to ensure maximum effectiveness of training programmes
  • Proven track record of implementing training programmes
  • IT/Computer, Office, Administrative, and Project Management Skills
  • Travel as required and valid driver’s licence
  • Trainers will be matched with suitable training programmes. The KZNFC reserves the right to decide on a suitable match for a training project.
Preference will be given to people who have delivered accredited training programmes.

Please submit:
  1. A motivation (maximum 2 pages) as to why you should be considered to the Panel of Trainer.
  2. Your CV, detailed profile of training facilitated.
  3. Please indicate your area of expertise in the following categories of the Training in Script Development, Technical Production and Post-Production, Producing, Production Accounting, Marketing & Distribution.
Applications should be also be emailed to 

Closing date for applications: 16 September 2016. 

Correspondence will be limited to successful candidates.

For more information visit our website on or call our offices on (031) 325 0200.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

“Alison - a story of monsters, miracles and hope” has arrived at Nu Metro cinemas


A South African film about Alison's miraculous survival after an unimaginably brutal attack and rape in 1994. 
For the trailer, click here.

Showing at Nu Metro cinemas Canal Walk, V&A, Clearwater, Emperors, Pavilion, Hyde Park, Walmer Park, Menlyn Park, Woodlands, and Welkom from 12 August 2016.

This film has won awards, sold out at festivals and is averaging 4 out of 5 stars from the country’s toughest and most well respected critics:

Nadia Romanos from 5FM Radio's 'Weekend Breakfast Show': 5/5 stars.

Leon van Nierop, RSG Fliekrubriek: 8/10
Marianna Malan, Die Burger Netwerk24: 4 stars
"Die keuse om die geweld en die gebeure self te onderspeel en die positiewe in die kollig te plaas maak van die rolprent meer as net ’n onvergeetlike ondervinding. Dit voel asof jy jou eie klein deeltjie van Alison se moed en deursettingsvermoë saamvat huis toe. Dis ’n rolprent oor ’n buitengewone vrou wat op ’n baie dapper manier aangepak en verfilm is. Wonderwerke is gelukkig nog deel van die lewe."

Theresa Smith, The Argus / IOL: 4 stars
"Alison has turned what she went through into a story she can use to hopefully change how other people live their lives – her message is that everyone has the potential to be the hero they need to be. The documentary is frank and chilling. Yet, it is also surprisingly warm and inspirational. It is not about the attack, it is about Alison the person and how she went on with life, and how she tries to help other people do the same."

Katie Reynolds review, The Callsheet:
"Uga Lisa Carlini draws out Alison’s emotional struggle as if drawing poison from a snakebite. We see Alison confront the tangible objects of her torture from that night, and discard them as if cleaning out the ghosts from your cupboard and setting them alight. Visceral testimonies from her doctors and friends place the viewer inside that dark period and we feel the things that they felt, even in some small measure. Masterful casting and an emphasis on progression are what make this film so much more than a gory retelling. Its understatement is its power, thanks to the almost spiritual connection between Alison and Uga.
Alison, to me, has done the unthinkable. She refused to be defined by what two monsters did to her body in 1994, but instead shows us that, through seemingly insurmountable odds, you can find your true purpose. And for Alison, this certainly isn’t the end."

Martie Bester,  Bioskoop:
"Uga Carlini, die vervaardiger, regisseur en skrywer van Alison het haar droom verwesenlik deur Botha se verhaal te vertel. En sy behartig dit goed met ’n deernis wat deurentyd soos ’n hartklop eie aan die rolpent bly. Daar kan sonder twyfel gesê word dat in ’n wêreld waar helde en heldinne uitgebeeld word as bonatuurlike wesens wat oor bomenslike en soms buitensporige kragte beskik, wat eienaardige grimering dra, in belaglike uitrustings die gereg dien, aan geboue vasplak of aan spinnerakke swaai en net tot aksie oorgaan begelei deur ’n “senutergende” klankbaan, hier uiteindelik twee ware heldinne van vlees en bloed na vore tree en die mens bemoedig om te glo dat die goeie wel oor die slegte kan seëvier – en nie net in superhero flieks nie. Deurlopend is Carlini se regie simpatiek sonder om bejammerend te wees, eerlik maar met deernis gevul en vertel sy Alison se verhaal met waardigheid en respek."

Joy Watson, Elle Magazine:
"The predominant message of the film is one of hope. It weaves together a story of how bad things can happen to good people. But the beauty of Alison’s story is about how she turns this power on itself. She fights back. If she is to die lying in the sand, then she will do so trying to write their names. Against all odds, she survives. She transforms her life, emerges out of the pain and ensuing depression and finds her passion in making a difference in the lives of others."

More about- and follow the movie on:


For more about the #butterflyrevolution click here.

Director / Producer “Alison”:
Uga Carlini

President & Filmmaker 

Towerkop Creations
Specialising in female driven heroine stories

Sheila Afari Public Relations

Thursday, August 4, 2016

THE FIREBIRD takes wing in the States

Johannesburg-based MAAN Creative worked with stage producer Janni Younge on a theatre piece combining puppetry, dance and animation. After a sold-out Cape Town run at Artscape and the National Arts Festival, the production, commissioned by IMG Artists, is now on a US tour.

Watch a video about the animation of FIREBIRD:

In a burgeoning and competitive local animation landscape, Johannesburg-based studio MAAN Creative are carving out an intriguing niche as animators to the live theatre world.

Headed up by directors Michael Clark and Johan Scheepers, MAAN recently completed work on THE FIREBIRD, a visceral theatre experience combining puppetry, dance, and animation. Commissioned by LA’s IMG Artists, THE FIREBIRD is the brainchild of producer Janni Younge, formerly of the famous Handspring Puppet Company - renowned for their collaborations with artist William Kentridge, as well as their work on the West End blockbuster WAR HORSE.  

Having opened with a brief but highly successful run at Artscape in Cape Town, followed by sold-out performances at this year’s National Arts Festival, THE FIREBIRD has now embarked on its US tour.

The show has attracted shining reviews both locally and abroad: The Philadelphia Inquirer said of the performance at the Mann Centre: “It was a wonderful thing to feel risk in the air once again at the Mann - the essential element of art. And if the production errs, it does so by flirting with over-stimulation.”

Loosely inspired by Igor Stravinsky’s progressive 1910 ballet of the same name, THE FIREBIRD unfolds an abstract narrative drawing on South Africa’s recent history of freedom and conflict, while also evoking a deeper personal conflict between creativity and reason.  Themes of restraint and subjugation warring with freedom and self-expression are conveyed simultaneously by the dancers, the otherworldly animal puppets stalking the stage, and by MAAN’s animation sequences, projected on a huge white egg suspended over the action. The ambitious sensory smorgasbord climaxes with a great dragon looming over the stage, wings outspread, breathing fire. On the US leg of the tour, a live symphony orchestra performs Stravinsky’s score.

“This was a challenging, but very rewarding project which helped us realise we want to make this kind of work a focus for MAAN,” says Michael Clark, who was responsible for creating the over 70 original acrylic artworks that served as key frames for the animation. The sequences were then pieced together in Photoshop, TV Paint and After Effects.

“We enjoyed the artistic sensibility that the brief required of us,” says Clark. “We settled on a very painterly style, with a distinct tactile aesthetic. Rather than aiming for smooth animation, it was most important that our images were evocative and beautiful, and that they lived well with the hand-made aesthetic of the puppets.”

This is MAAN’s second collaboration with Younge, the first being OUROBOROUS, a production she staged as winner of The Standard Bank Young Artist for Drama in 2010.

The combination of animation and theatre is not a new one –  WAR HORSE used this conceit, among others – but Clark would like to see the potential of the medium released in new ways. “I think animation has yet to be fully explored or utilised as a medium on stage. It could add a new dimension to a ballet, a live music show, or a traditional play. It can be used to add information or context that is hard to get across through actors or set design, and because it’s completed beforehand, it provides an anchor point for the other variables of a live show.”

MAAN also does animation and motion graphics for advertising, channel branding, corporate AV’s and music videos. They are currently working on a short film for autism awareness entitled SAM THE HEDGEHOG. To get in touch, visit

Watch a video about the animation of FIREBIRD:

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Moshito music conference and exhibition launched


Johannesburg - The old Women’s Prison at Constitution Hill reverberated with a different kind of call when the 2016 Moshito Music Conference & Exhibition was launched on its grounds today.

Music industry practitioners and media took to the historic venue at the Constitution Hill in Braamfontein, a transit prison where awaiting-trial activists used to be held before being sent off to Robben Island or Pretoria to serve lengthy jail terms, to launch Moshito Music Conference 2016, appropriately themed ‘Censored: When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised’.

Revealing an exciting programme that includes intriguing conference topics, network sessions, music demo presentations and artists showcases, Moshito promises to live up to its brand promise of being Africa’s premier music market and event.

Having started off hosting less than five music markets, Moshito has experienced exponential growth attracting music industry experts, musicians, festival promoters, booking agents, music managers, record labels and exhibitors from over 15 local and international local music markets under one umbrella to network, discover talent and strike deals necessary to the growth of the creative industries.

There are over 100 panellists participating in over 12 topics - 5 breakaways, 5 plenaries, 2 workshops, 1 music managers meeting, as well as demo and music showcases - Moshito 2016 is poised to be a place where music meets business and business meets music.
This is the third year in a row that the Moshito Board has chosen a theme that best reflects the historical developments of South Africa’s music heritage and artist expressions.

Addressing a packed Women’s Gaol Atrium at Constitution Hill, the Chairperson of Moshito Music Conference, Sipho Sithole said: “When the Board of Moshito decided on the theme ‘Censored’ at its last sitting in 2015, nobody could have predicted that the topic would be a driving a heated discussion in the media space at the same time as the launch of the conference.  Moshito’s decision regarding this year’s theme follows on what has become a tradition during the term of this board. In 2014 the theme was ‘Celebrating 20 Years of Liberation through Music’ and was followed by ‘From Kwela to Hop’ in 2015.”

Sithole explained that for the Moshito Board to choose the theme ‘Censored’, it had to look at those musicians and artistic voices who appropriated their message through songs and brought the plight of the marginalised people, much to the irritation of the State, to the attention of the world, to listen and take heed.

Quoting Plato, Sithole stated that it was not uncommon for the dominant class not to pay attention to the voices of the subordinate class because, as Plato stated in the book the Republic, “Any music innovation full of danger to the whole State, ought to be prohibited”.
It is no coincidence that this year’s Face of Moshito is Roger Lucey, who composed and performed songs with lyrics that were scathing on the apartheid government. This brought him to the attention of the apartheid regime’s Bureau of State Security.

Lucey, who is also SAMA 2016 Lifetime Achievement Recipient, is paired with Gigi LaMayne, the multi-award winning hip-hop chanteuse and top graduate of Wits University in Media Studies.

Also addressing the media was the Deputy Director General of the Department of Arts and Culture, Ms Monica Newton, who stated: 
“South Africa is increasingly beginning to focus on cultural and creative industries as potential contributors to economic growth and job creation. Given the challenges of youth unemployment, the creative sector, particularly the music sector has become an attractive value proposition for young people wanting to participate in the creative economy. Today, young people own music labels, music production facilities and have become the source for broadcasters and promoters looking for fresh music to be played on radio, television and performed in public spaces. Moshito therefore is the obvious platform for music practitioners who want to engage, network and grow their business. We remain committed to ensuring that Moshito continues to perform its mandate for the benefit of the music industry as a whole”.
Monica also stressed the need for the unity of the music sector and the development of sustainable and resilient development and enterprise models to ensure the growth of the sector.

Moshito will once again start this year’s conference with an Opening Concert on 7 September at M1 Studios, followed by the ‘Censored: Afro-World Music Concert on 8 September at the Joburg Theatre, the Beat Music Festival at Zone 6, Soweto, the Urban Street Festival in Melville on 10 September and an after party extravaganza at Ragga Night hosted by African Storm at Bassline, Newtown on Thursday night.

For more information, visit

You can also follow the conversation and engage on the following social media platforms:
Twitter: @moshito_music
Instagram: Moshito_conference
YouTube: Moshito

Friday, July 22, 2016

Nog meer rolprente by Silwerskermfees 2016

Silwerskermfees 2016: ’n Fees van rolprente

Die res van die rolprente wat vanjaar by die Silwerskermfees vertoon gaan word, asook die rolverdelings van die vyftien kortfilms wat hulle debuut by die fees maak, is pas bekend gemaak.

Vollengte rolprente wat vir die Silwerskerm-toekennings in aanmerking sal kom en dus deel van die kompetisie is, is:

Dis Koue Kos, Skat
Wanneer Clara Brand uitvind haar man, Bernard, is besig om haar te verkul met haar vriendin en kollega Anais, begin Clara ’n nuwe lewe in die Kaap saam met 
haar twee kinders. Die rolprent is gegrond op ’n boek deur Marita van der Vyver 
en het Anna-Mart van der Merwe, Deon Lotz, Elzabé Zietsman, Frank Opperman 
en Angelique Gerber in die rolverdeling. Die regisseur is Etienne Fourie.

Johnny is Nie Dood Nie
Christiaan Olwagen, ’n bekroonde dramaturg en teaterregisseur, maak sy debuut as filmregisseur met hierdie rolprent oor ’n groep studentevriende in die laat 1980’s in die tyd van die Voëlvry-beweging, militêre diensplig en die Grensoorlog. Rolanda Marais en Albert Pretorius is van die spelers in die rolverdeling.

Noem My Skollie
Vier tienerseuns, AB, Gimba, Gif en Shorty, woon op die Kaapse Vlakte en probeer hulle bes om die bendes van die area te vermy. Ná AB ’n traumatiese ondervinding het, besluit hulle egter om hulle eie bende te stig. ’n Paar jaar later word AB (Dann-Jacques Mouton) en Gimba (Gantane Kusch) in hegtenis geneem en tronk toe gestuur. AB gebruik sy talent as storieverteller om die ander gevangenes te vermaak, en wanneer hy vrygelaat word, wil hy sy meisie, Jenny (Tarryn Wyngaard), met sy skryftalent beïndruk. Die res van die bende oortuig hom egter om ’n laaste keer by hulle aan te sluit.

Die verhaal van Skollie is gegrond op die ware verhaal van John W Fredericks, 'n wêreldbekende draaiboekskrywer. Die fliek speel in die 1960’s af.

Sy Klink Soos Lente
Ben, ’n werktuigkundige, en Linda, ’n slim rooikop, se paaie kruis. Ben herken haar dadelik en weet dat sy sy baas se dogter is, maar sy weet nie wie hy is nie. Om haar te beïndruk, sê Ben vir Linda hy is in ’n band. Om die wit leuen waar te maak, begin hy saam met ’n paar van sy kollegas ’n band en skryf vir ’n battle of the bands-kompetisie in. Met Amalia Uys, Stiaan Smith, Bennie Fourie, Wilson Dunster, James Cunningham, Darren Kelfkens, Bouwer Bosch en Tina Kruger. Die regisseur is Corné van Rooyen.

Die rolprent is gegrond op die boek Whiplash en vertel die verhaal van Tess, 'n sekswerker, wat swanger raak en alles in haar vermoë moet doen om nie toe te laat dat haar verlede haar lewe verswelg nie. Met Christia Visser, Nse Ikpe-Etim, Brendon Daniels, Lee-Ann van Rooi, Quanita Adams en Greg Kriek.

Die dokumentêre rolprente wat vertoon gaan word en ook vir die toekennings in aanmerking kom, is:

Die verhaal van Alison Botha se skrikwekkende verkragting en brutale aanval in Desember 1994 en haar reis na oorlewing. Alison is ’n verhaal van dapperheid, krag en hoop.

Dorpstad: Unwrapping a Cool Capital
Twee argitekte van Pretoria het in 2014 hulle eie kuns-biennale geskep en mense van Pretoria geïnspireer om nuwe en opwindende kuns regoor die stad te skep.

I Made a Film That You Will Never See
’n Rolprent oor Michiel Kruger, wat ten spyte van die feit dat hy sy sig op 14 verloor het, verskeie sportrekords verbeter het.

Noboby’s Died Laughing
’n Dokumentêre rolprent oor die lewe en loopbaan van Pieter-Dirk Uys.

Op Pad
Die bekroonde joernalis Dana Snyman reis deur die land op soek na homself en op soek na hoop.

Portret: Lien Botha
’n Dokumentêre rolprent wat die kunstenaar Lien Botha binne die wyer Suid-Afrikaanse gemeenskap kontekstualiseer. In die proses word die verwantskap tussen kuns en die werklike lewe uitgewys en dit dien ook as getuigskrif van waar die idees in die werk ontstaan. Portret poog om visuele kuns vir die kyker te demistifiseer. Die kyker kry die geleentheid om die verstaan van die potensiaal van wat kuns kan wees, op ’n vermaaklike manier te ondersoek. Die titel, Portret, sinspeel nie net op die woord “portret” as ’n genre binne visuele kuns nie, maar suggereer ook ’n dieptestudie van ’n individu.

Die vyftien kortfilms wat gekies is om deel van vanjaar se fees te wees en dus ook vir die toekennings in aanmerking te kom, is:

Estelle red beseerde diere, maar sy verhouding met die plaaslike veearts neem ’n donker wending wanneer sy ma begin inmeng … Met Charlenè Brouwer, Elzette Maarschalk, Gustav Gerdener en Richard van der Westhuizen.

Beloofde Land
Lodewyk Mouton is die naïewe heerser van die diktatorskap Anskroepolis. Wanneer ’n groep sosialistiese rebelle by sy herehuis opdaag en dreig om hom te onttroon, word Lood met die realiteit van sy borrel-bestaan en die ellende van sy volk gekonfronteer. Met Schalk Bezuidenhout, June van Merch, Petro van den Heever, Mariechen Vosloo, Craig Mathys, Hannahmi Alfredo en Riaan Cruywagen.

Die Biker
’n Motorfietsryer kies die oop pad as ontvlugting. Het hy die regte pad gekies? Met Paul du Toit en Ian Roberts.

Die Bok
’n Verbitterde swanger vrou veg om haar roostuin te beskerm teen ’n bok terwyl haar huwelik verbrokkel. Met Christia Visser, Drikus Volschenk, Maurice Paige, Kay Smith en Jemima as die bok.

Die Muse
’n Naïewe jong verpleegster word as oppasser aangestel om na ’n briljante maar moeilike skrywer met Aspergersindroom om te sien. Maar, as ’n skrywer sukkel om leuens te vertel, hoe is hy veronderstel om stories op te maak? Met Marcus Muller, Candice Weber en Milan Murray.

En die wiele van die bus gaan om en om
Slapgat-busbestuurder Freddie Venter vervoer tien pasiënte van een inrigting vir geestesgestremdes na ’n ander … en dan verloor hy sy vrag. In die rolverdeling is André Stolz, Anchen du Plessis, Gemma Donnelly, Sandra Vaughn, Isabella Mostert, Percy Maobane, Pieter Grobbelaar, Lillian Dube, Christo Davids, David Mello, Chantal Herman, Hendrick Louw en Jeff Smith.

Thomas hoor die verlammende hum-klank al vir so lank dat hy skaars kan onthou wanneer dinge vir hom begin skeef loop het. Met die hulp van sy psigiater, dr. Swart, begin hy om sy verlede te ontleed sodat hy vir Jana, die liefde van sy lewe, kan terugwen ten spyte van die onafwendbare gedreun asook die gevoel dat hy konstant dopgehou word … Met Carel Nel, Cintaine Schutte, Deon Lotz, André Roothman, Milton Schorr, Benedikt Sebastian, Melanie Pack, Riaan Ellis, Eric Uys, Molly Brown, Benjamin Raubenheimer, Francois Coertze, Courtney Leshay Smith en Lizanne Peters.

Fanus Niemand is toe iemand … Met Albert Pretorius, Cherie van der Merwe, Marie Pentz en Hannes Brummer.

Koue Voete
Moenie ’n misdadiger op sy skoene takseer nie. Met Kaz McFadden, Shareen Swart, Deon Coetzee, André Velts, Juanita de Villiers, Melinda Brink en Francois Viljoen.

Merk. Sny. Stoor.
Wanneer ’n psigologies versteurde man se traumatiese verlede sy hede beïnvloed, word ’n vreemdeling die slagoffer van sy eie trauma. Met Jacques Bessenger, Lilanie Prinsen, Suzi Swanepoel en Juan Lotz.

Wanneer ’n jong, sorgelose hippie aansoek doen as verpleër by ’n streng, vol-nonsens bejaarde dame, is daar vanaf die eerste woordewisseling reeds spanning. Tog ontwikkel hulle ’n dieper vriendskapsverhouding en leer mekaar hoe om die ander onvoorwaardelik te aanvaar. Ouderdom is net ’n getal, maar hartsvriende bly deel van jou bestaan. Met Marga van Rooy en Phillip Schnetler.

Ná oom Johan Booysens ’n jong man langs die pad oplaai, besef hy hoe gevaarlik die pad kan wees as ’n mens nie jou geselskap ken nie. Met Pierre van Pletzen, Philippus Boshoff, Je-ani Swiegelaar, Anrich Herbst, Ansu Visser en Philicity Reeken.

Daar’s ’n fyn lyn tussen opwinding en vrees. Dis net woorde. Jy’t ’n keuse. Veg of vlug? Met Antoinette Kellerman, Greta Pietersen, Joanie Combrink en Ludwig Binge.

As ons maar net kon verdwyn. Met Fezile Mpela as Johnson en Pulane Sekepe as Juliet.

Vlees van my Vlees
Vyftien jaar ná ’n gruwelike motorongeluk vier ’n joviale man en sy kwadruplegiese vrou hulle twintigste huweliksherdenking. Ten spyte van die romanse en selflose liefde noop die frustrasies van haar gebrek hulle om die waarheid van hulle gebroke verhouding, verwyt, pyn en eie magteloosheid te trotseer. Met Erica Wessels en James Alexander.

kykNET het vanjaar ’n sestiende projek geïdentifiseer wat nog nie gereed is vir uitvoering nie, maar baie potensiaal toon. Die projek se skrywer gaan onder leiding van kykNET se bekwame opdraggewende vervaardigers die draaiboek verder ontwikkel en dit sal by volgende jaar se kortfilmprojek ingesluit word. Die titel van die film en die naam van die skrywer sal in Augustus by die Silwerskermfees bekend gemaak word.

Vollengte rolprente wat vertoon sal word, maar nie deel van die kompetisie is nie, is:

  • Eintlik Nogal Baie
  • Happiness is a Four-Letter Word
  • Kalushi: The Story of Solomon Mahlangu
  • Vir Altyd
  • Wonder Boy for President
  • Die bestaande kortfilms op die fees is:
  • Daniel Munro
  • How to Kill a Girld Named Amanda
  • Scapegoat
  • Stukkend
  • The Discovery of Fire
  • The Great Gatsby: Redemption
  • The Man With the Heavy Leg
  • Transito



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Web series festival

Filmmakers... Announcing the Web Series Festival Call for Entries!

Final Deadline: July 31st 2016

The 2nd Annual Web Series Festival Global offers $1000.00 CASH Grand Prize and Category Awards. 

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Digital Lab Africa 2016 calls for projects

SUBMIT YOUR PROJECT before 31 August 2016

PITCH IT AT DISCOP AFRICA Johannesburg (2-4 Nov 2016)

The Digital Lab Africa call for projects targets artists, producers, designers, start-ups, students in the media and creative industries. It is open to any professional or individual having an innovative project in 4 categories of multimedia production:

# Virtual reality # Web creation/transmedia # Video game (Serious game) # Digital music

More information on 

Deadline to submit your project: 31 August 2016

Digital Lab Africa is a new platform for African talent in multimedia, organised by the French Institute of South Africa, in partnership with DISCOP AFRICA and TRACE.

The objective of Digital Lab Africa is to provide a springboard for African talent in multimedia creation and to make their project happen with the support of French leading companies in their field (studios, producers, broadcasters, distributors). The incubation ticket will include time of residence in France within digital clusters and a 3,000EUR cash prize.

The Web creation and Transmedia categories are dedicated to new ways of creating audio-visual material. They target the new generation of producers and relate to content that combines several media, and are intended to be viewed mainly online on smartphone, tablet and computer.

Web creation: this category targets all audio-visual material produced to be viewed online (first digital content) in a non-linear way. The category is open to innovative concepts and to any type of content: fiction, documentary, animation, reality shows, news, sport, entertainment, talk shows, debates, TV formats and magazine programmes (food, environment, lifestyle, culture, comedy, educational…).
Projects that aim to attract an audience, engage with it and retain it, and that can be formatted into episodes or thematic channels will be considered first. One-time broadcast/TV special are excluded from the web creation category.

Mentor of the winning project (web creation category): Lagardère Studios, leading audio-visual production group in Europe

Transmedia: all production/content which combines the use of various media (TV, Internet, mobile phones, radio, video games, social networks etc.) to offer a transmedia narrative experience, that may include some elements of interactivity and audience engagement. The project can consist of either creating a transmedia universe of an original television or cinema production, irrespective of the genre (documentary, series, animation), or a transmedia project developed directly for online consumption.

Examples: a web documentary or a web series including an interactive and participative element (involvement of the public via an app, a chat, social medias, video game…)

Mentor of the winning project (Transmedia category): ARTE, the European cultural channel and one of the leading web creation/transmedia content producers/broadcasters.

Virtual Reality: The virtual reality category is open to anyone producing content which offers an immersive experience to the public, on any type of support (computer, tablet, smartphone, virtual reality headset), using virtual reality technologies, 360° video, and 3D interactions. Examples: journalism report, fiction or documentary movie, musical clip, museum visit, video game...

Mentor of the winning project (virtual reality category): Okio-Studio, the French leading production house in virtual reality contents

Video Game (Serious Game): The video game category is open to all prototypes/concepts of Serious Game, learning games, edutainment games, simulation games, games which inform, engage and advertise for mobile application or full screen (computer, smartphone, TV, tablet...)

Examples: a News game on a current topic, a game which promotes a cause (health, education, environment, etc.), an advertising game to promote a film or event, an educational game to learn a language.

Mentor of the winning project (video game/serious game category): CCCP studio, one of the leading French video game studios specialising in serious games and multi-platforms games.

Digital Music: The digital music category is open to all projects which offer an innovative and enriching user experience using multimedia tools, solutions and content, based on one or several African artists, musical genres or African territories (e.g. Senegal rap or Congolese rumba). The project should be aimed at video or digital music platforms on the Internet or mobile telephone. 

Example: creating an app offering a multimedia world and an interactive community around an artist.

Mentors of the winning project (digital music category): BELIEVE DIGITAL, the leading digital distributor and services provider for independent artists & labels in the world
1D TOUCH, the first worldwide fair trade streaming platform dedicated to independent contents.


MAKE IT HAPPEN thanks to the support of Digital Lab Africa partners

Thursday, July 21, 2016

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