Monday, August 5, 2019

Press Release


Press Release:


5th  August 2019                                                                      For immediate release


CAPE TOWN/ JOHANNESBURG/POLOKWANE:  Women’s Power fuels new sexual harassment awareness campaign set to premiere this Women’s Day 

Sisters Working in Film and Television (SWIFT) partnered with MNET to produce six public service announcements on sexual harassment for the second consecutive year. All six one minute films were written and directed by  women as a means to empower female filmmakers who often go overlooked in their male dominated industry. 

Following the success of the first series the second instalment is highly anticipated with six new directors and young women at the helm of production.

The launch will take place simultaneously in Cape Town and Johannesburg and will be livestreamed on UCT TV on 8th August 2019.

Cape Town: Cape Town TV, UCT Television Studio , Baxter Theatre Centre ,Cnr Main Road and Burg Road, Rondebosch

Johannesburg:  8th August 2019, 6:30pm to 9pm. Atlas Studios, 33 Frost Avenue, Braamfontein Werf 

The project was filmed in Gauteng, Limpopo and Western Cape empowering cast and crew in all provinces.  The #THATSNOTOK VIDEO SERIES covers a range of scenarios that depict inappropriate behaviour perpetuated by both men and women in the film industry dealing specifically with the grey areas of abuse - the not so obvious ways in which abuse manifests.

and aims to generate conversations about solutions and services available.  

The directors of the PSAs are:

Joyce Nkgapele
Genevieve Akal
Western Cape
Londeka Mazibuko
Maryann Madishona
Rea Moeti
Noma Khumalo


SWIFT (Sisters Working In Film & Television) is a registered NPO run by film industry

volunteers with the main objectives to empower, enlighten and connect female

filmmakers across South Africa.

SWIFT conducted an anonymous survey in 2017  and the disturbing revelations indicated that over 66.7% of womxn in film & TV feel unsafe at work. Thus, SWIFT continues to exert industry pressure and  take tangible action against sexual harassment through a campaign called #ThatsNotOK

The Goals of the video campaign - based on REAL-LIFE stories of sexual harassment submitted


● To help womxn & men in the industry recognise what harassment is.

● To let them know that they are not alone or imagining harassment.

● To help womxn & men recognise that their abusive behaviour is “NOT OK”.

● To make womxn aware of the resources and legal assistance available to them

via SWIFT membership


Funding and Sponsorship

The funding from MNET ensured that  SWIFT was­­­ able to pay crew & cast for their creative and technical contributions.

It also facilitated film trainees shadowing crew members on all shoot days in all three provinces.


Plans for the videos

● As with the previous set of Public Service Announcements released in  2018. We want to have the new videos used as AWARENESS/TRAINING VIDEOS to educate crew &

cast at the beginning of every new production. The aim is to get as many Broadcasters & Production Companies to make this a mandatory procedure.

● To create a sustainable MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME for upcoming female

filmmakers, working with real content.

● To offer the video concept to Government & the Corporate Sector to highlight

sexual harassment within their own industries.



The style of the video campaign is heavily influenced by the #ThatsHarassment

campaign, produced by Segal Avin, David Schwimmer & Mazdack Rassi and we are

thrilled to have their endorsement for our #ThatsNotOk video campaign.


SWIFT hopes the campaign will impact the entire Film and TV Industry across the African continent creating safer workplaces for everyone.


Issued by SWIFT:


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Twitter: @swiftsa

Instagram: @swift_safrica

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SWIFT Chairperson Sara Blecher

SWIFT Spokesperson Zoe Ramushu  073 454 8887

SWIFT Sisterhood Committee Chairperson: Flavia Motsitsi : 083 309 0365