Tuesday, April 14, 2020

BASA to support COVID-19 affected artists

Business and Arts South Africa NPC (BASA) has announced that its Supporting Grants programme will be extended to allow support for South African creatives infected or affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

To this end, a funding campaign has been launched at gogetfunding.com/bizartza/, to enable BASA to also consider applications from individual artists for once-off, short-term financial aid for COVID-19-related medical care and/or prescription medicines. The aid can also be used to offset the loss of income due to the cancellation of confirmed engagements, as a result of the nationwide lockdown or other emergency measures.

Charmaine Soobramoney, Chairman of the BASA Board says, “COVID-19 has forced the world to unite and fight against this invisible enemy. The challenge and the fight are real as the virus impacts, lives, livelihoods, the economy, and highlights the inequalities that need to be addressed. The BASA Board of Directors acknowledges the continued challenges artists are subjected to. We celebrate their resilience and appreciate the role that they play in provoking thought and uplifting the energies of the consumers of the arts.”

BASA champions business investment within the arts, cultural and heritage sector, and to date the BASA Supporting Grants programme has disbursed more than R40 million to over 1 600 projects, which in turn have leveraged over R515 million in sponsorship from the business sector – that equates to R19 million in business support, for every R1 million of Supporting Grants funds during the 2018/2019 financial year.

To apply for an Artists Relief Grant, applicants submit a proposal letter via e-mail, together with specified supporting documentation. Successful applicants are then invited to complete the application online with a final outcome expected within two weeks. Further details and eligibility criteria are available from https://www.basa.co.za/home-page/growth/supporting-grants-2/artist-relief-grant/

For enquiries about Artist Relief Grants please e-mail grants.basa@icloud.com.

To apply for a Supporting Grant, applicants have to adhere to a process, which has been designed to add value to an already existing partnership between an arts organisation and business sponsors. Both the arts applicant and the sponsor must submit a joint application on the prescribed forms and clearly demonstrate how the partnership benefits both the sponsor and the recipient. New, emerging and established arts projects that already have sponsors on board are eligible, and forms are available for download from 

For enquiries about Supporting Grants please e-mail sipho@basa.co.za.