Friday, May 22, 2020


More than R25 000 in prizes up for grabs!!! Send us your inspiring story and WIN a Prize

COVID-19 Stories of Hope: Not all is gloom

South Africa is standing together to fight COVID-19. Amidst proliferating misinformation and increasing numbers of new COVID-19 cases, Centre for Communication Impact (CCI) is partnering with local media to bring hope to the communities through inspirational stories from front line workers and those that have recovered from COVID-19. These hopeful stories will present a snapshot of what positive acts of love for the country our frontline workers do every day and bring to life the ways in which people are supporting each other as well as how individuals find new ways of making their lives better through these challenging time. So: Do you live or work in the Eastern Cape or Western Cape

1.       Are you an educator (teacher) going the extra mile to ensure that your students continue to learn using methods that respect social distancing?
2.       Are you a health-worker, who wakes up each day and goes to work a ta hospital? Tell us about how you bring smiles to your 3. patients, stay positive and passionate during these difficult times.
3.       Are you in the frontline of delivering essential supplies as an employee, who has been working day and night since Level Five? Talk to us.
4.       If you work as a law enforcement official, (police, military etc.), working to enforce the regulations as published by Government we would like to hear from you.
5.       Finally, we would like to hear stories from those of you that have recovered from COVID-19. Sharing your story will give many South Africans hope. What support structure did you have as you faced Covid-19? What message do you have for the rest of South Africans on staying positive following a positive COVID-19 diagnosis?

If you fall under one of the five (5) categories above, we would love to hear from you. One story per category will be selected as the winning story for a prize per province.

1st Prize (x10)                   2nd Prize (x10)         3rd Prize (x10)
R1000.00                        R500.00                   R250.00

Please submit your stories by Friday the 5th of June 2020 as follows to:

·       Must qualify in one of the above 5 categories from Western Cape or Eastern Cape
·       Story of Hope – Maximum pages: 2 (Two)Winning stories to form e-book!
·       Language: All South African languages welcome (translation will be done for the judges)
·       Pictures: Please include one picture that relates to your story, if possible.

This initiative is brought to you by the National Department of Health in partnership with the Centre for Communication Impact, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (U.S.A.I.D).