Tuesday, July 6, 2021



2 things:


1- Sign the petition here

2- Record and post your video message.

We need you to record a video message and put it on your online presence! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. We need all our voices out there under one banner so that when SAGA delivers this message to Parliament, it is a message from all of us.

Here is the script:

Mr President. Parliament.
We are waiting on you!
For years you have passed the buck.

BUT it is now time to take responsibility for the people you are MEANT to serve!

We need the Performers Protection Act amended.
We need the Copyright Act amended
We NEED you to allow us into the economy!

So, we support our guild, SAGA, to help you get this done.
But parliament, when you vote: Don’t pass the buck, pass the BILLS!

Write a caption you feel is needed. Then tag SAGA, Parliament, and the Presidency as soon as possible.

Facebook: @southafricanguildofactors @ParliamentofRSA @PresidencyZA @presidencyza
Instagram: @SAguildofactors @parliamentofrsa 
Twitter: @SAGActors @ParliamentofRSA @PresidencyZA