Wednesday, August 11, 2021

#NFVFCelebratesHER this Women's Month

This Women’s Month is like no other at the NFVF.
Celebrating the amazing work that women do in the local film & video industry, the NFVF is hosting the Female Film Showcase; exhibiting the films that were born from the Female Filmmaker Project (also known as the Female Slate). 
The Showcase is an initiative to showcase the amazing films created by young women from disadvantaged backgrounds, who worked collaboratively with experienced female film producer, Tshego Khanyile of Zinc Pictures.

All the films are funded by the NFVF. 11 films will be shown over 4 days on the NFVF YouTube Page.
Films will be available
23 August – 26 August 2021
LIVE Q&A Session with filmmakers
27 August 2021 
14:00 – 16:00
on our YOUTUBE page

A big THANK YOU goes to the team at Zinc Pictures for ensuring the successful execution of the project. 
Grab your popcorn and your drink, and enjoy great local content in the comfort of your own home.
Be inspired by films created by young South African talent. 

Join the conversation on social media & celebrate the amazing women you love in the industry.

For more information, contact Lerato Mokopanele Lerato Mokopanele, Marketing Officer


Mmapula Ngwako, a 35 years old conformist widow still in mourning. Mmapula and DD’s aspiration for their only son Neo is for him to get the best education, and ultimately a better life. They therefore register him in one of the private schools. The big plan gets tested when MamaDDD’s mother imposes her cultural rules that come with culturally mourning one’s husband on Mmapula. She seizes control of Mmapula’s life, plans and belongings.

Nothing Imaan does is good enough for her mother in law. Imman and her husband, Rashid are continually pressured by Suraya to have a child. Rashid reminds his mother that children were never in the couples’ plan. Imaan hides her longing for her baby. Suraya notices this and uses it to force the young couple into parenthood, she manipulates Imaan and fakes a heart attack. Meanwhile, Rashid hides a dark secret of infertility.

Luthando is a 17-year-old girl who struggles with connecting with her autocratic father, who has changed her life her completely, taking her away from everyday life and imprisoning her inside the house she once considered a home but sees as prison now. Luthando blames him for the death of her mother through suicide. When Luthando starts having schizophrenic episodes, she decides on hiding them from her father, out of fear that she’ll end up just like her mother...depressed and dead. 

Moshidi’s life that seems picture-perfect is disrupted by the unexpected return of her secret child Masello who has been in prison for accidentally killing her mother’s lover; the man who impregnated her and the child Tshidi is now living with the mother. Masello wants her child back and Moshidi is trying to keep Masello away from her child and keep this secret from her fiancĂ© Phineas so that he can marry her. Masello arrives at Moshidi’s door after she was released on parole and demands her child. 

Imran Khan (23) is from a middle-class Muslim family in Mahikeng; NW. He lost his mother when he was only 14 and his brother when he was 18. His father forced him to do a degree in Business Management and he just completed his studies recently. Abdul owns a fairly small appliance store in town and he wants his son to take over the family business because he wants to retire early due to ill-health (heart disease). Imran’s heart is not in business but fashion designing. 

Pending a move overseas with the woman who raised her and her mother’s ex employer, Lisa, Busi’s visa gets denied and she is forced to move back to Alexander Township to live with her domestic worker mother, Pretty. Busi who is accustomed to a westernised and privileged life with Lisa, has a hard time accepting her changed circumstances and the implications that these have on her self-conception. 

Puleng invites Mmuso into the house for a cup of tea before he goes to work. As Mmuso and Lebo go into the home, Lebo appears down the corridor, holding the baby’s clothes and commenting on how the baby has grown. Puleng and Mmuso share a look and Puleng goes to make Mmuso tea. When Puleng returns, Lebo suddenly says that she can hear the baby cry, but there is no baby crying.

Dikeledi, a young woman who finds purpose and happiness as a cuddle partner to the lonely and misunderstood, lies about her career to her father to keep him “happy”. When he discovers the truth about her profession he gives her an ultimatum to either quit this “disgraceful” vocation, which has given her more happiness and purpose than she has ever known, or leave her father’s house and risk the end of their relationship.
Lusaka Solomon’s world is disrupted by the school’s principle informing her about, rape allegation brought against her teenage son, Sipho. Lusaka confronts Sipho, who vehemently denies the allegations, after seeing the fear in her son’s eyes, she chooses to believe him. Adding to her load Tsietsi after finding out about the allegations makes it clear there is no way, he is willing to lose the tender after all the work, time and money they’ve put into making the business a success.
In the small-town summer of 2002, twelve-year- old Nina wakes to the sound of daily domestic arguments, the surprise visit of her first period and the unnerving thud heard from the army base at noon each day. Nina fleetingly finds an antidote to her growing sense of abandonment through her companionship with her trusty goldfish, Lucy, and her rapport with the newcomer in the neighbourhood; Andrea. Nina befriends 10yr-old Andrea and decides to take her under her wing. Though Nina tries to safeguard Andrea from her unstable father, she soon discovers that perhaps she filled her childhood summer with a task that’s too great to handle.

uXolile is a township story about a begrudging daughter, an upcoming actress who has come to help her sick dying mother. With the fear of her past coming out to public with her new role, she would have to confront issues from the past buried deep in order to save her mother from addiction and herself.