Tuesday, August 3, 2021


In the modern world of social media, the actors are supposed to be their own publicity team...

Making sense of Social Media.

The question is: Should you be on social media? And if so, what platforms should you use?
This Saturday SAGA is hosting a workshop on how to set up and curate your social media platforms as an actor.
Aifheli Makhwanya will journey into the legalities of social media posts and the new and updated POPI-Act’s implication on the actor’s media presence. Christopher van der Westhuizen will provide tools for setting up your social media so that it is automated and reaches the correct audience.
We will dive into the legal implications of posting content, setting up platforms to build a profitable micro audience that will market you to the correct clients, what could the backlash be of certain posts, how to define your social media message and how to read your analytics correctly.

This promises to be a hands-on session providing actors with the tools necessary for building a robust, concise, and safe message on Social Media.

Date: 7 August 2021
Time: 10:00 – 12:00
Place: Register with the Zoom link HERE

The presenters: 

Aifheli Makhwanya
Aifheli is an independent consultant & researcher in the cultural and creative industries (CCIs) with 17 years of experience in the film and television industry ( now audiovisual). She is the founder and Managing Director of Dzanda Consulting & Events (Pty) Ltd. The company provides management consulting services for government, SMEs, and arts organizations. Services offered include fundraising, arts marketing, governance, market research, and strategy development. Aifheli serves as a member of the council of the Market Theatre Foundation, a member of ICASA’s Consumer Advisory Panel,  chairperson of Vhadamani Foundation, an NGO which focuses on health & arts & culture driven programs.

She holds an undergraduate Bachelor of Laws degree and Master of Laws (Communications Law specialization) from the University of the Witwatersrand and various postgraduate certificates in management and law. Her research interests include African cinema, African Knowledge Systems, and media law.

Christopher van der Westhuizen

Christopher has been an actor for the past ten years working across film, television, and stage. He is also the owner of a media analytics and management company, Westhouse Media, where he assists companies and personalities understand and optimize their social media analytics. Using the statistics that they get from the audiences to curate the content these companies put out. Focusing mainly on natural growth and low-cost high-return networking streams.
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We made a promise. And we are ready to deliver. With your vocal support, Parliament has heard us, and on Wednesday 11 August SAGA will be THE ONLY organization representing the rights of professional actors with our oral submission to Parliament. We are proud to carry your voices in support of amendments to the Copyright Act (1978) and Performers Protection Act (1967). 

This is our moment to demand fair royalties and a re-balancing of our earning rights. 
This is one of many more hurdles we will need to overcome together. Your support as an industry has been invaluable to get us this far. For as long as our members continue to support us, SAGA will see this through to victory!