Wednesday, October 13, 2021





1.1    Strategic Relations Local:

1.1.1            Attend meetings with local stakeholders.

1.1.2           Uphold and enhance the public image of the WGSA.

1.1.3           Represent the WGSA on various local platforms:     SASFED / Film Commissions / Government Agencies / Government departments / Broadcasters        Represent the WGSA at the bargaining Council formation meetings.         Negotiate terms for WGSA members to attend local film markets.

 1.2      Strategic Relations International (excluding IAWG)

1.2.1           Negotiate collaborations with international and global bodies.


1.3.1    Lobby for writers’ rights    IP/Copyright   Rates   Terms and Conditions  Standard Contracts

1.4      Fundraising

1.4.1          Raise at least R2.5m per annum.

1.4.2         Must be able to raise funds outside WGSA’s traditional funding streams

1.4.3         Raise funds in line with needs flowing from the BIF.                Human Capacity               Professional Development events               Muse awards funding               FAS funding

1.4.4         Negotiate member discounted and free services.                IMBDPro               Final Draft               Insurance / medical etc              BlackList

1.4.5         Funds for local and international market attendance

1.4.6         Funds to attend IAWG events.




2.1      Upon rendering an invoice and timesheet a monthly fee of maximum R14000.00 (fourteen thousand Rand) based on a maximum of 40 hours per month at a rate of R350 (three hundred and fifty Rand) per hour.

2.2             An incentive scheme will be attached to all funds raised. 

2.3             Transport:

2.3.1      Should the contractor be expected to travel more than 50km for WGSA business for a specific purpose, the contractor will be compensated at R3.50 per km.

2.3.2       Should the contractor be required to make use of public transport for WGSA business, the WGSA will refund such costs upon receipt of a valid invoice/receipt.




3.1      Must have own computer, reliable data network, home office, own transport

3.2   Will be required to work outside of normal business hours from time to time, which might include weekends and evenings

3.3       Qualifications, experience and personal attributes:

3.3.1          Applicable tertiary degree

3.3.2         Proven experience of lobbying

3.3.3         Proven experience of fundraising

3.3.4         Analytical and organisational skills with the ability to multi-task, attention to detail and problem-solving skills

3.3.5         Excellent time management skills with the ability to prioritise work

3.3.6        Excellent written and verbal communications skills – English

3.3.7         Proficiency in MS Office (Excel, Word, Outlook) is essential; in google Docs would be advantageous

3.3.8         Negotiation skills

3.3.9         Strong interpersonal skills

3.3.10      Work in a team

3.3.11        Conflict management skills




4.1        The position is contract-bound for a period of six (6) months (1 January 2022 to 30 June 2022).

4.2            Closing date is 20 October 2021, midnight.

4.3           Interested parties must send their comprehensive CV, qualifications and letters of recommendation as well as any proof of successful work to before the closing date.

4.4          Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed during last week of October / first week of November and the successful candidate will commence duties by 1 January 2022 .

4.5  Questions and more information may be obtained