Tuesday, October 5, 2021

WGSA Newsletter Third Edition 2021



Wow! That is the only way to describe the events and advances that took place since our last newsletter.

One of our proudest moments in the history of the guild was in August when Theoline Maphutha, Head of the WGSA IP and Copyright committee, and Christiaan Steyn of STEYN IP presented our writers' collective objections to the current Copyright Amendment Bill in Parliament! In a joint statement, Theoline and Christiaan informed us that, “To date, it would appear that no further progress has been made on the matter by the parliamentary committee. We will continue to monitor the situation and report on any developments when such are forthcoming.” It is truly a great milestone reached when you have parliament sitting up and listening.

There is a buzz in the air too. An energy. Not just spring fever. Hope and renewed expectations from the breezes streaming (pun intended) from the doors that are opening. Doors previously hidden, barred or non-existent for writers. And the timing couldn't be better for joining the WGSA and having us at your back. You'll see why when you read on.

Take a few minutes out, and relax with a cuppa while you leisurely read through our jam-packed newsletter. And jam is packed tighter than a tin of sardines, so make it a big cuppa!

From your friendly WGSA newsletter editors,
Yolanda Lindeque-Strauss and Anil Polton