Wednesday, September 14, 2022




1 year contract

Starting date: As soon as possible



“The leading voice and champion of the South African Screen Industry.”

The South African Screen Federation (SASFED) is the national federation of independent film, television and audio-visual industry organisations in South Africa. Founded in 2006 in response to Government’s call for the independent screen industry to speak with a united voice, SASFED represents many professionals and companies that are operating in an increasingly diverse and growing sector. The membership of these organisations operates in all the provinces of South Africa, making SASFED’s membership truly national.

SASFED is driven and rooted in an appreciation of the specific interests, concerns and programmes of each of its members:

  • to empower, unify and strengthen the SA screen industry;
  • to protect the rights of the SA screen industry and all that work in it through self-regulation;
  • to lobby government wherever necessary to change legislation, regulations and policies to advance the        South African screen industry and ensure its growth and development;
  • to promote gender equality throughout the SA screen industry value chain;
  • to transform the screen industry by opposing all forms of discrimination and oppression, recognising that  to thoroughly fulfil its economic, social and cultural potential it has to overcome the racial inequalities created under apartheid, and
  • to encourage all members to adopt policies and implement programmes ensuring deliberate access by historically disadvantaged South Africans at all levels of their organisations and industry sectors.

Key responsibility areas include:

1. Governance
  • Reports and accounts to the SASFED Council.
  • Manages the relationship with the SASFED Council, ensuring that all SASFED Council processes work smoothly including SASFED Council meetings, SASFED Council recruitment and induction, SASFED Council development.
  • Ensures that Codes of Conducts, charters and policies meet the requirements of good governance, and are updated when needed.

2. Strategic Leadership
  • Provide strategic leadership to the organisation’s Council and Council subcommittees and staff by developing and overseeing the implementation of SASFED’s vision and strategy 
3. Financial Sustainability, Budgeting and Fundraising
  • Ensures the organisational resources, budgeting and planning of the organisation is attended to.
  • Responsible for building and managing donor relationships, raising funds and ensuring accountability to grant-makers. 
4. Organisational Development, Management
  • Oversee the management of the organisation’s day-to-day administrative affairs
  • Oversee the internal and external communications and social media presence
  • Build SASFED and broaden its membership base
  • Develop an organisational growth plan in consultation with the SASFED Council
  • Develop, strengthen and/or implement organisational systems to support the smooth function of the organisation.
5. Stakeholder Engagement 
  • Engage directly with key stakeholders, statutory bodies such as ICASA; sector and industry bodies, etc.
6. Human Resource Management
  • Manage staff and consultants in understanding and implementing SASFED’s vision, strategy and projects
  • Manage grievances and disputes, as well as support any employees in developing and implanting their professional development plans (where applicable)
7. Programme and Project Management
  • Oversee the implementation of the organisational work plan
  • Oversee quality control on project deliverables and provide leadership and day-to-day advice in ensuring projects embody the aims and objectives of the organisation
  • Provide support, both strategic and otherwise, to Council subcommittees
  • Coordinate and/or undertake research and the development of key documents, including position papers, submissions etc.
8. Public Face of SASFED
  • Unless otherwise agreed with Council, to represent SASFED in the public domain
  • Ensure the visibility of SASFED in the sector, the public and among key role players through, inter alia, initiating and/or participating and/or representing SASFED in sector convenings, leading SASFED’s public interventions and representing the organisation’s work through advocacy and media engagement
  • Broker partnerships with organisations and public institutions on projects of mutual benefit to advance SASFED’s vision and strategy
  • Develop partnerships with civil society, industry and state agencies that can advance the work and aims of SASFED.

Job Requirements
  • Strong communication skills (persistent, persuasive, assertive, succinct)
  • Negotiation skills to broker compromises and deals
  • Strong understanding of the political system
  • A minimum of 3 to 5 years’ experience in the film/entertainment/media/policy/regulatory/legal industry in South Africa
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Knowledge about current news and events pertaining to the audio-visual industry
  • Cope within a stressful work environment
  • Preference will be given to persons of colour
  • Understand and sympathise with government national imperatives, including its transformation agenda
  • Ability to travel to Parliament or other important locations, at request of the employer and as possible within funding budget.
  • Manage any staff and research capacities as required and within the budget.
  • Access to own (i) transport at own expense; (ii) own laptop. A remote-based position.

Desired requirements
  • A relevant Bachelor’s degree in humanities or commerce and relevant working ability and experience
  • A network of strong relationships amongst government officials and audio-visual entities is not a pre-requisite but may be advantageous
  • A diplomatic approach, a person who brings cohesion instead of antagonize parties/ people in the various platforms where they lobby, but will stand firm on SASFED issues

Applications should consist of a comprehensive Curriculum Vitae, a motivational letter on why you should be appointed and your unique experience you bring to the table, plus two letters of recommendation. Your application must be emailed to not later than Friday, 23rd of September 2022. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.