SASFED Council

The Council is the member representative structure of SASFED between Annual General Meetings and is comprised of a minimum of one formally mandated representative from each full member affiliate of SASFED as can be seen on the members page.

Council members are appointed to serve a single term at a time, but may be successively appointed for an unlimited number of terms, except for the Chairperson who may not serve more than three years in succession.

Mandated representatives of member affiliates of SASFED may be changed at any time at the prerogative of the affiliated member and so actual council members may change at any time during the year.

The Council elect from among their number at least the following office- bearers on an annual basis at the AGM:
1. A Chairperson,
2. A Treasurer,
3. A Communications Officer.

The Chairperson, either Co-Chairperson or Vice Chairperson and Treasurer, who shall not be connected in relation to each other, will accept the fiduciary responsibility for the organisation.

At the previous SASFED AGM of 20 August 2016, the following were decided upon:

Rehad Desai – Chairperson 

Rehad Desai is a Producer/Director who runs his own company Uhuru Productions. Rehad entered the TV and film industry in 1997 as a current affairs journalist, and soon after moved on to focus his energy on historical and socio -political documentary film as a director and producer.

In 2000 he completed a post graduate degree in TV and film producing through Avea, Africa’s equivalent of the European Evea. In 2009 he completed a post graduate diploma in documentary through Eurodoc. He has produced over 20 documentaries, many directed by himself that have been broadcast internationally, accepted into numerous festivals and been received with critical acclaim.  Rehad is a trustee of the Human Rights Media Trust and is the outgoing Chairperson of SOS- support public broadcasting.

Nick Cloete - Vice Chairperson 

National Chair of Animation South Africa, a non-profit company mandated by industry to develop and represent animation and VFX in South Africa. 
Managing Director at Mind's Eye Creative, a 2.D specialist digital computer animation studio.

Areas of interest:
- Strategic planning and operations
- Research

His ambition is to create the most optimal trading conditions in which the local film and television industry can thrive, coordinating with all stakeholders on policy, programmes and projects.

Marc Schwinges – Treasurer 

Since founding Underdog Productions in 1993, Marc Schwinges founded global consulting firm Transmedia Africa and several other production entities. 

Marc is treasurer of the South African Screen Federation; Honorary Member and current board member of the SA Documentary Filmmakers Association; and was a previous Chairperson of the Independent Producers Organisation where he now serves on the broadcast sub-committee. He also represents the sector on the Digital Content Advisory Group of the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa, and is on the board of SOS – The Support Public Broadcasting Coalition. 

He has produced a substantial volume of internationally acclaimed work in various forms of factual television from series to one offs and transmedia as well as fiction feature film work. He is busy with co-productions with Canada and The Netherlands.

TBC (Interim Thea Aboud) - Secretarial and Communications

These people then make up the fiduciary part of the Council for the 2016 /17 year

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