The 2014 ICASA South African Local Content Discussion Process

Content Review 2014

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ICASA is undergoing a review of South African Local Content Regulations for Television and Radio
Posted on 25/07/2014
25 July 2014 Johannesburg – The changes in technologies and developments in the broadcasting sphere brought about by the imminent migration to digital broadcasting have led to the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) undertaking a review of the South African local content regulations for television and radio. The Authority has published a Discussion Document for public comments.  The Discussion Document is an Inquiry in terms of section 4B of the ICASA Act into the review of South African Local Content on television and radio regulations.  Prior to developing a Discussion document the Authority appointed a Consulting Company to conduct a thorough analysis and assessment of the cultural, economic and social benefits brought about by the preservation of South African programming regulations; and to perform a sound cost-benefit analysis on behalf of ICASA. A copy of the Consulting Company report is available at the ICASA library (ED: This is now linked above - we obtained it from the ICASA library).  It is the Authority’s view that through South African music and television programming, radio and television can make a vital contribution to democracy, nation building and development in South Africa; and that the local content quotas will go a long way in protecting and developing the country's national cultures and identities, and promoting local industries. 
Interested stakeholders are encouraged to make comments on the Discussion Document by no later than 16h00 on 10 September 2014.  

Documents can be read and downloaded below.

ICASA South African Local Content discussion document 2014

Study Report South African Local Content 2014 for ICASA

Update 29 August 2014 from ICASA:
ICASA has postponed the deadline for comments on the Discussion Comment by a month.

ICASA Notice of extension South African Local Content Review Comment 2014