In accordance to SASFED's Consitutional Operational Principles 6.4, which states "[SASFED] operates on the principle of transparency and consensus" SASFED shares the minutes of our meetings not only with our members but with the public as well. 

(Minutes arranged from most recent. Scroll down to see earlier meetings.)

Minutes for the first meeting of 2015 held on 29 January:
Minutes 29 january 2015.pdf

Minutes from a Special Meeting resulting from AGM, held 01 September 2014:
Special SASFED meeting - 01 September 2014.pdf

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting for 2014 held on 16 August:
SASFED Annual General Meeting held on 16 August 2014.pdf

Minutes of the SASFED Exco meeting held on 24 February 2014:
SASFED Exco meeting - 24 February 2014.pdf

Minutes of the first Meeting of SASFED EXCO, 2014 held on 13 January 2014:
Minutes 13 January 2014.pdf   

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